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A surgical fastener apparatus is provided with a reinforcement material holder, where the holder positions a sheet of reinforcement material adjacent body tissue that is sutured by a plurality of surgical staples dispensed by the apparatus.

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A personal owned palm-held device consisting of software executed on a palm-held personal computer (PC) saddled into and connected directly to a dGPS receiver such that an individual golf player may map a golf course by traversing its attributes, displaying said map and collecting golf play data for ...

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A sensor device for measuring a concentration of a substance within a sample comprises a sensor comprising an optical fiber portion having a first end and a second end, the second end having a tip portion attached thereto and an active material incorporated within the tip portion, the tip portion ad ...

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A method of detecting at least one analyte in extra-cellular spaces includes the step of inserting a microprobe through the stratum corneum toward the stratum basale of the skin of a subject into extra-cellular spaces containing interstitial fluid having at least one analyte to be detected, said mic ...

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A test device for testing of analyte concentration in a fluid to be applied thereto, the device comprising a plurality of test members arranged in at least one stack and electrodes for engaging with electrode tracks on a test member. A pusher pushes a single test member from the stack so that it can ...

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A micro sensor device for measuring a concentration of a substance within a sample comprises an integrated sensor head having a tip portion adapted to be inserted into a sample, a light source for emitting a beam of light into and through the tip portion with the tip portion capable of interacting w ...

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A microsurgical laser probe is provided with a distal end portion of an optic fiber that projects from a tubular sleeve of the probe and can be caused to bend relative to the probe sleeve by manual manipulation of a mechanism on a handle of the probe.

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Disclosed herein is an improved architecture for regular expression pattern matching. Improvements to pattern matching deterministic finite automatons (DFAs) that are described by the inventors include a pipelining strategy that pushes state-dependent feedback to a final pipeline stage to thereby en ...

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A system and method for inspecting a data stream for data segments matching one or more patterns each having a predetermined allowable error, which includes filtering a data stream for a plurality of patterns of symbol combinations with a plurality of parallel filter mechanisms, detecting a pluralit ...

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A method and apparatus are provided for building a searchable multi-dimensional index tree that indexes a plurality of data objects. In one aspect of the invention, the index tree divides dataspace into three subspaces and indexes the data objects using a single dimension. If too many data objects m ...