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A process for electrophotographic reproduction, and a layered electrophotographic plate having a conventional charge generation layer and a p-type hydrazone containing charge transport layer, in which the surface of the charge transport layer is selectively discharged by actinic radiation as a resul ...

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Apparatus and method for mass flow measurement utilizing a substantially "U" shaped conduit mounted in a cantilever manner at the legs thereof, means for oscillating the conduit, and means for measuring the Coriolis force by measurement of the force moment or the angular motion of the conduit around ...

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An impact tool, and particularly a nail driver, utilizing a vaporized combustible mixture which may be ignited upon demand to drive a piston and associated ram in a cylinder to accomplish work such as driving a nail. In a particularly preferred embodiment, a portion of the driving energy is stored a ...

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A backpack or transport bag including an outer pack structure of pliable material, preferably treated on one side with a water resistant coating, and including a number of seams or other perforations therethrough to attach straps, pockets, etc., the outer pack structure including closure means to cl ...

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A pannier bag having means for attachment to a bicycle carrier which means include fasteners on the pannier bag for engagement with the upper portion of a bicycle carrier and, at the lower portion of the pannier bag, resilient members secured to the pannier bag adjacent the side edges thereof and a ...

Jack F Harding: Shoulder harness for carrying an archery bow. Thomas W O Rourke, December 21, 1976: US03998367 (27 worldwide citation)

The primary object of this invention is the provision of an adjustable strap harness for carrying an archery bow on the back of a person.

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Two-dimensional data may be acquired at extremely high rates by means of a linear sensor array, and ganged shift registers with each sensor associated with at least one shift register. The state of each sensor is sampled periodically in accord with a selected, relatively high clock frequency and eac ...

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A bicycle handlebar pack and support frame in which the support includes a means to cantilever the pack engaging portion of the support from the gooseneck-handlebar intersection of a bicycle, the pack engaging portion preferably comprising normally substantially horizontal forked members adapted to ...

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Method and apparatus for selecting data wherein the acceptability of the data is a function of a measurable quality, such as duration, of a specific event relative to the current average, or other statistical threshold, of such quality of a number of events. The magnitude of event characteristic is ...

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Method and apparatus for inspection similar articles by first passing an ideal sample article through the field of view of a scanning array, generating a train of pulses corresponding to the image falling on the scanning array by sequentially interrogating each sensor in the array in response to a c ...