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A collapsible package for extrudable comestibles, such as soft-frozen ice cream, includes a cone-shaped laminated body portion comprised of inner polymer film ply bonded to a structural ply, a nozzle secured at the top of the cone-shaped body portion and a cap or cover across the nozzle aperture. Th ...

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A reclosable package comprising interlocking closure strips positioned outside of a hermetic seal or seal area and the method for producing same. The hermetic seal is of the easy-open or peelaway type so as to not destroy the integrity of the package or closure strips upon opening of the package.

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A substantially salt-free carbonated beverage is produced using a pressurizable container comprising a carbonation chamber having an upper compartment for holding the chemical reactants, a means for separating gaseous carbon dioxide and solid or liquid reaction by-products and a lower compartment ha ...

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An improvement in a pressurizable container used to prepare a carbonated beverage from a water-based liquid and carbon dioxide generating chemical reactants comprises the use of a carbonation chamber having an upper compartment for holding the chemical couple and a lower compartment with a bottom sp ...

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A particulate dry mix foaming creamer comprises a conventional particulate creamer for coffee beverages and the like together with a foam generating component comprising a food grade acidulant and an alkali metal carbonate or bicarbonate. A dry mix instant hot cappuccino product in accordance with t ...

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A method is disclosed for producing infusion coffee filter packs in which a first strip of filter paper is placed adjacent to a mold having a cylindrical mold pocket, and the strip of filter paper is caused, either mechanically or by a vacuum, to conform to the cylindrical mold pocket. The conformin ...

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The present invention provides a rapidly-soluble sweetener, a process for preparing it, and improved dry beverage mixes employing it.

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A method for continuously forming wide, thin chewing gum slabs suitable for forming sheets and bands ready for packaging in an automatic wrapping machine is disclosed. The method involves compounding a chewing gum paste; extruding the formed gum paste as a wide thin slab through a die mounted on the ...

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An antioxidant free, stable, fixed flavor is prepared from a mixture of flavor, maltose, malto-dextrin and a carbohydrate film former by spray-drying the mixture to form a dense product of at least 0.5 g/cc bulk free flow density and less than 20% voids, which is stable against oxidation for one yea ...

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This invention prepares a fully cooked extruded flour-based product with a texture, aerated structure, cohesiveness, appearance and rehydration characteristics of a fully baked flour-based product by: feeding a flour, a gas forming agent, and water into an extruder in amounts effective to prepare a ...