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There is described an emergency action system which is an integrated security control and communications system employed for relatively large and secure installations such as embassies, military buildings and so on. The emergency action system apparatus consists of two major subdivisions. A first su ...

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Apparatus for controlling an automotive vehicle is provided. The vehicle has a plurality of wheels, each wheel having an individually operable brake. The apparatus comprises a mechanism for determining the steering angle of the vehicle. A yawing moment controller receives the steering angle and dete ...

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A motor vehicle lamp employs conductor moldings in which conductor tracks extending in three dimensions can be created in the housing. In addition, the conductor moldings enable the integration of lamp connections, switches and lamp mount, as well as reflectors and cooling surfaces directly into the ...

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There is disclosed a Zero IF modulator apparatus for modulating carrier signals with baseband signals, the modulator includes digital logic circuitry including a sine/cosine amplitude converter which is responsive to the baseband signals for providing first and second digital quadrature baseband sig ...

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The blacker-than-black sync pulse of a standard video signal is replaced by a gray scale sync to increase picture signal, permit audio multiplexing and allow security phase inversion by means of encoder and decoder circuitry including a sync stripper, gate and timing generator, audio processor, phas ...

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An electrical center assembly used in a vehicle provides ambient light to the assembly and the area around the assembly using a light-emitting diode. The electrical center assembly generally includes a housing, an electrically conducting link, removable electrical components and at least one light-e ...

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A spring suitable for use in interposers such as those used to electrically interconnect electronic devices such as integrated circuits and printed wiring boards. The spring includes a central portion, a peripheral portion and a plurality of bent legs extending between the central portion and the pe ...

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A termination for an optical fibre is formed with an integral lens for producing an expanded parallel light beam. A pair of terminations provide an optical coupler for connecting between a corresponding pair of optical fibres.

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A temperature sensor incorporating flexible circuit technology. A flexible circuit sensor subassembly is composed of a flexible printed circuit substrate on which is printed a sensor circuit. In a preferred example the flexible circuit sensor subassembly, the sensor circuit has a sensor at a distal ...

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A fluid conduit quick connector includes first and second releasably connectable bodies. A tapered bore in the first body receives one end of a first conduit. A tubular extension projecting from one end of the second body is coaxially received in the conduit when the first and second bodies are rele ...