David M Keicher, James L Bullen, Pierrette H Gorman, James W Love, Kevin J Dullea, Mark E Smith: Forming structures from CAD solid models. Optomec Design Company, Thomas N Giaccherini, May 21, 2002: US06391251 (279 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for embedding features and controlling material composition in a three-dimensional structure (

Robert J Freiberg: High-extraction efficiency annular resonator. TRW, Noel F Heal, Thomas N Giaccherini, May 10, 1988: US04744090 (62 worldwide citation)

A standing-wave annular laser resonator providing high energy extraction efficiency and good beam quality without the need for polarization coatings. The resonator includes an axicon, a scraper mirror, and a rear mirror system. A critical feature of the configuration is that the axicon has an inner ...

Ronald J Kane, David Stevenson Spain Jr: Body motion tracking system. Tera Research Incorporated, Thomas N Giaccherini, August 31, 2004: US06784826 (57 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus are disclosed for measuring position and motion of a “marker” antenna (

Raymond R Blasing, Edward A Keible, Paul Likins, Douglas G Lockie, Clifford A Mohwinkel: Sectorized multi-function communication system. Endlink Corporation, Edward B Anderson, Thomas N Giaccherini, April 18, 2000: US06052582 (36 worldwide citation)

The preferred embodiment of the present invention is a communications apparatus which includes a first transmitting antenna array (15A) having a transmitting antenna (16) which is dedicated to serve only a first sector (12). Similarly, a second transmitting antenna array (17A) having a transmitting ...

Henry M Harris: Simulating human intelligence in computers using natural language dialog. Symbionautics Corporation, Thomas N Giaccherini, Alan H Sochel, August 5, 2003: US06604094 (32 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for simulating human intelligence and natural language dialog capability is disclosed. The present invention contains a cognitive model of human intelligence (

Edward F Tuck, Martie G Haselton, Mark A Sturza, Rebecca B Weeks, Robert G Quinn: Matching system. Social Fabric Corporation, Thomas N Giaccherini, September 22, 2009: US07592910 (29 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for finding a match between or among persons (17a, 17b), characteristics and/or objects are disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention, an electronic device (10a, 10b), such as a handheld radio, is used to find a person who meets criteria specified by a user. In another embo ...


Gary J Linford: Free-electron laser system with raman amplifier outcoupling. TRW, Noel F Heal, Thomas N Giaccherini, May 3, 1988: US04742522 (23 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and a related method for controlling the characteristics of a high-power laser beam to provide a desired beam divergence, spectral content, and phase. A high-power beam, as from a free-electron laser, is directed into a conical Raman amplifier, together with a Stokes seed beam having the d ...


Suwat Thaniyavarn: .DELTA..beta.-Phase reversal coupled waveguide interferometer. TRW, James M Steinberger, Thomas N Giaccherini, August 16, 1988: US04763974 (18 worldwide citation)

An improved electro-optic coupled waveguide interferometer (50) is provided. The device comprises a single input (52), a Y-junction splitter (54), two interferometric arms (56a, 56b), a Y-junction combiner (58), a single output (60) and multiple equal-length sections of electrodes (62a-d) with alter ...

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