Alexander Grinberg, Michael D Sorrenti, Andrew Dooris, Melissa Grace, Missoum Moumene: Intervertebral disc. Depuy Acroned, Thomas M DiMauro, August 3, 2004: US06770095 (258 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to an intervertebral motion disc having an articulation interface and a locking interface.


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This invention relates to a mixing and delivery device suitable for delivering injectable biomaterials, and to preferred bone cement formulations.

Thomas P Ryan, Martin A Reynolds, Hassan Serhan: Method of identifying and treating a pathologic region of an intervertebral disc. Depuy Spine, Thomas M DiMauro, December 7, 2004: US06827716 (99 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a method of treating an intervertebral disc comprising locally identifying a pathologic tissue site and therapeutically treating the identified site.

Martin A Reynolds: Methods of performing embolism-free vertebroplasty and devices therefor. Depuy Acromed, Thomas M DiMauro, December 27, 2005: US06979352 (98 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to improved vertebroplasty procedures for reducing embolisms, leakage and cement loosening.

Charles M Bartish Jr, Douglas Scott Bireley, Bradley Thomas Moore: Banana cage. Depuy Acromed, Thomas M Dimauro, March 10, 2009: US07500991 (77 worldwide citation)

A banana shaped intevertebral fusion cage having a domed profile, an internal planar wall defining first and second graft chambers, asymmetrically disposed leading and trailing insertion, and an anterior wall recess.

Edward Lilley: Artificial joint bioprosthesis for mitigation of wear. Saint Gobain Industrial Ceramics, Thomas M DiMauro, March 9, 1999: US05879406 (69 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to an acetabular cup having a substantially hemispherical ceramic concave surface comprising at least one debris reservoir thereon having a width of between 0.010 mm and 2 mm, and also to a ceramic hip joint prosthesis head whose outer surface comprises a similar debris reserv ...



Seungkyu Daniel Kwak, John Riley Hawkins: Rotatable interspinous spacer. DePuy Spine, Thomas M DiMauro, September 8, 2009: US07585313 (52 worldwide citation)

An interspinous spacer having opposed, pivotally connected s-shaped members that can enter the interspinous space in an initial state and then rotate to a final state to secure the implant to the adjacent interspinous processes.