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Improved golf clubs having metal heads, conventionally known as "irons", and processes for producing such "irons" in such a way that the swing weight of each "iron" produced can be varied within very close tolerances and/or the distribution of the weight of the metal head, i.e. the balance thereof, ...

Peter A Belmont: Golf club heads and process. Thomas L Tully, September 7, 1976: US03979123 (144 worldwide citation)

Wooden head for a golf club comprising a wooden body having a top surface, an undersurface carrying a soleplate, a rear surface and a face surface carrying a faceplate adapted to strike a golf ball during use of the golf club. The weight and balance of the head is adjustable by varying the weight of ...

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Security inspection apparatus designed for the safe, efficient and rapid inspection of products to detect the presence of objectionable X-ray detectable items. The apparatus comprises a source of continuous X-rays of sufficiently low intensity that conventional photographic film is insensitive there ...

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A system which automatically aligns itself, and any attached hardware such as a solar energy collection device, in response to changes in the solar position. The alignment system comprises a directional sunlight-admission element which is adapted to be focused over a relatively wide azimuth angle in ...

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Pneumatic nebulizer and method for uniformly introducing variable small amounts of flowable liquid into a gas flow to form a stable dispersion having the appearance of a natural fog and consisting essentially of microscopic liquid particles of said liquid dispersed in said gas. The nebulizer compris ...

Elisha W Erb, Darrel R Resch: Nebulizer. Thomas L Tully, April 19, 1977: US04018387 (33 worldwide citation)

Pneumatic nebulizer for uniformly dispersing variable amounts of flowable liquid in a gas to form a stable dispersion having the appearance of a natural fog and consisting essentially of liquid particles having a maximum particle size below about 20 microns diameter and having an average particle si ...

Paul E Allen: Fluid cooling of injection molded plastic articles. Logic Devices, Thomas L Tully, June 17, 1980: US04208177 (33 worldwide citation)

A method and system for cooling an injection molded plastic article by forming a portion of a mold cavity of fluid permeable porous material that communicates with a cooling liquid passageway and subjecting the cooling liquid to different pressures to vary the flow of fluid through the porous plug.

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Novel flexible, semi-rigid fabricating material comprising a laminate of top and bottom layers of relatively thin synthetic plastic film and a middle layer of semi-rigid sheet material, said top and bottom layers being substantially wider than said middle layer to provide marginal film-to-film areas ...

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Apparatus for checking the edge alignment of a moving web and for making lateral adjustments in the position of the moving web to correct for deviations.

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Multi-rod holder and alignment device which is removably-securable in non-rotating position within a conventional rod holder mounted on a boat. The device has a support stem having two or more lower alignment slots, and two or more upper rod-holder tubes which extend substantially vertically, relati ...