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Disinfection of aqueous media contaminated with microorganisms is effected by contacting said media with a gas phase in which a plasma is generated by focused laser radiation. Similarly, wastewaters containing organic susbstances are purified by contacting them with an oxygen-containing gas phase in ...

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Compounds of the formula ##STR1## where R is hydrogen, hydroxy, amino or lwer-alkyl; R.sup.1 is lower-alkyl, lower-alkenyl, cycloalkyl, pyridinyl, phenyl or substituted phenyl; R.sup.2 is hydrogen, amino or hydroxy; R.sup.6 is hydrogen or fluoro; and R.sup.7 is phenyl, pyridinyl or selected other he ...

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A method for the improvement of the biological removal of nitrogen from wastewater consisting of the partial oxidation of waste activated sludge and other carbonaceous material generating soluble BOD which may be substituted for methanol as an oxygen acceptor in biological denitrification.

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(18.beta. and 18.alpha.)-2.alpha.-Cyano-3,11-dioxo-olean-12-en-29-oic acids and lower-alkyl esters thereof, useful as ulcer preventing and ulcer healing agents, are prepared from 18.beta.- or 18.alpha.-glycyrrhetinic acid, the final step being alkaline cleavage of 18.beta.- or 18.alpha.-11-oxo-olean ...

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A process of treating non-biodegradable industrial wastes by wet oxidation, followed by biological oxidation of the liquid phase by aeration in the presence of biomass and powdered activated carbon, and wet oxidation of the spent carbon and excess biomass to regenerate the activated carbon.

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Compounds of the formulas: ##STR1## wherein R is alkyl, X is O or CH.sub.2, n is an integer from 4 to 8, and Ar is phenyl or substituted phenyl are useful as antiviral agents especially against picornaviruses.

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An improvement in the wet oxidation of caustic waste liquors wherein carbon dioxide produced in the wet oxidation is recycled to raw caustic waste to neutralize the latter, thereby reducing the corrosive nature of the waste.