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A system and method for measuring orientation of an object. In the illustrative embodiment, the object is a ball (42) in a ball and socket type pointing and stabilization system. The novel system (40) includes an encoded pattern (46) applied to a portion of the surface of the ball (42), a pattern re ...

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A system and method for monitoring a cargo container. The novel system (100) includes a sensor module (10) mounted in each target area (20) and a central monitoring system (40). Each sensor module (10) includes one or more sensors (22) and a transceiver (28) for transmitting data from the sensors to ...


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A plurality of sensor vehicles collect imaging data from an assigned location of a target region having targets and non-targets. The imaging data may be combined based on its location and the combined data is matched to a threat object map to identify the actual targets from the non-targets. In some ...

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A vehicle guidance system. The system includes a first mechanism for tracking a vehicle based on time-of-arrival information associated with energy emanating from the vehicle and providing vehicle position information in response thereto. A second mechanism steers the vehicle based on the vehicle po ...

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An edge detection system and method implement a recursive polar algorithm process to generate an edge image from an input image. The edge detection system may include a polar filter to recursively perform low-pass filtering along edge contours of a gradient pixel grid and generate a gradient image o ...

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A system includes an optical system having a curved window with anamorphic symmetry about a first plane and a second plane perpendicular to the first plane. The window may be, for example, in a flight vehicle such as a missile. An optical corrector is adjacent to a curved inner surface of the window ...

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Although THz radiation is naturally emitted by hot objects, the intensity levels are too weak to be considered as a practical THz source for most applications. Photonic crystal structures are used to modify the thermal emission peak associated with the standard Planck blackbody spectral distribution ...

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On-chip multispectral imaging and data management is provided in the form of an Adaptive Focal Plane Array (AFPA) that is capable of spectral tunability at the pixel level. Layers of photonic crystals are registered with pixels of a broadband focal plane array. Spectral tuning is accomplished by swi ...

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A monolithic semiconductor power device. The device is designed to produce high energy density and high power level RF/Millimeter wave radiation using the quasi-optical spatial power of an array (