Elias Nemer
Wilfrid Paul LeBlanc, Elias Nemer: Method and system for modeling external volume changes within an acoustic echo canceller. Broadcom Corporation, Thomas Horstemeyer, February 4, 2014: US08644522 (2 worldwide citation)

A method and system are provided in which a device, such as an acoustic echo canceller, may reduce the residual echo that may be heard at the far end of a conversation when an external speaker volume is changed. The device may compute a gain based on an echo estimate produced by a filter and on a ne ...

Zhen Ning Low, Jenshan Lin, Raul Andres Chinga: Method and apparatus for contactless power transfer. University of Florida Research Foundation, Thomas Horstemeyer, March 18, 2014: US08674551 (139 worldwide citation)

Embodiments of the subject invention pertain to a method and apparatus for contactless power transfer. A specific embodiment relates to an impedance transformation network, a new class of load network for application to a contactless power system. Embodiments of the impedance transformation network ...

Arya Behzad, Mark Buer, Jeyhan Karaoguz, Alexander Macinnis, Thomas Quigley, John Walley: Method and system for an atomizing function of a mobile device. Broadcom Corporation, Thomas Horstemeyer, May 14, 2013: US08442015 (104 worldwide citation)

Methods and systems for an atomizing function for a mobile device are disclosed and may include discovering available resources via a handheld wireless communication device (HWCD) and assessing respective cost functions for processing tasks by the HWCD and/or the discovered resources. The tasks may ...

Johnson J H Wang: Miniaturized ultra-wideband multifunction antenna via multi-mode traveling-waves (TW). Wang Electro Opto Corporation, Thomas Horstemeyer, May 5, 2015: US09024831 (80 worldwide citation)

A miniaturized ultra-wideband multifunction antenna comprising a conducting ground plane at the base, a plurality of concentric feed cables, one or more omnidirectional one-dimensional (1-D) normal-mode and two-dimensional (2-D) surface-mode traveling-wave (TW) radiators, frequency-selective interna ...

James F Corum, Kenneth L Corum, Basil F Pinzone Jr, Joseph F Pinzone: Hybrid guided surface wave communication. CPG Technologies, Thomas Horstemeyer, November 15, 2016: US09496921 (78 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is hybrid communication in which a first message from a guided surface wave probe node is embedded in a guided surface wave, and a second message from a guided surface wave receive node uses a different messaging mechanism.

Timothy M Sehn, John M Rauser, Jerry James Hunter: Network page latency reduction using gamma distribution. Amazon Technologies, Thomas Horstemeyer, November 5, 2013: US08577827 (67 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are various embodiments of a system, method and computer readable medium for network page latency reduction. In one embodiment, among others, a system comprises a processor circuit and a memory associated with the processor circuit. The system further comprises a distribution estimator con ...

Bharath Kumar Bhimanaik: Passwordless strong authentication using trusted devices. Amazon Technologies, Thomas Horstemeyer, January 7, 2014: US08627438 (66 worldwide citation)

A code for accessing an online resource having a customer account associated therewith is presented via a secondary device, and authentication data indicative of the code that was presented is received from a primary device. The primary device is identified as a trusted device associated with the cu ...

Nicholas J Lynch: Fulfillment of requests for computing capacity. Amazon Technologies, Thomas Horstemeyer, June 17, 2014: US08756322 (60 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are various embodiments related to the fulfillment of requests for computing capacity. In one embodiment, a request queue includes requests from customers for computing resources to be allocated. Individual ones of the computing resources are allocated to individual ones of the customers b ...

Oscar E Agazzi, David Kruse, Arthur Abnous, Mehdi Hatamian: System and method for packet communication. Broadcom Corporation, Thomas Horstemeyer, October 1, 2013: US08548089 (40 worldwide citation)

A system and method for packet communication is disclosed. Echo in a received symbol stream may be reduced to produce an echo-reduced symbol stream. The echo-reduced symbol stream may be buffered and aligned according to a deskew signal to produce a deskewed symbol stream. The deskewed symbol stream ...

Gregory A Rubin: Detection of and responses to network attacks. Amazon Technologies, Thomas Horstemeyer, July 30, 2013: US08499348 (36 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are various embodiments for detecting and responding to attacks on a computer network. One embodiment of such a method describes monitoring data communications transmitted to a target class of first computing nodes; in response to detecting a non-legitimate data communication to a computin ...