Joseph Gormley: Vehicle customization and personalization activities. Thomas E Lees, April 8, 2014: US08694328 (62 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods are provided that are directed to vehicle pre-acquisition activities, vehicle post-acquisition modification, customization and/or personalization, fleet management, including proactive fleet monitoring fleet services and/or vehicle, vehicle market and related analysis.

Tavis M Grigsby, Mark E Peters: Visual credential verification. International Business Machines Corporation, Thomas E Lees, March 26, 2013: US08406480 (34 worldwide citation)

A solution for visual credential verification. The solution includes an apparatus, system, and method embodiment. The apparatus for visual credential verification includes an input module, a comparison module, and a response module. The input module receives from a security official an image of an u ...

Joseph Gormley: Vehicle control and interconnection system. Thomas E Lees, October 25, 2011: US08046501 (25 worldwide citation)

An integrated system to control peripherals in a vehicle includes a control and interconnection system having a supervisory processor and/or supervisory control. The control and interconnection system is responsive to feedback from peripherals associated with the vehicle. Moreover, the supervisory p ...

Evan Y W Zhang: Measurement and segment of participants motion in game play. Thomas E Lees, May 29, 2012: US08187097 (25 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods are provided for the measurement and input of position information and/or information regarding the position and/or movement and/or speed of a target of interest, e.g., without requiring a hand-held controller. According to further aspects of the present invention, systems and me ...

David G Ward, Simon J Webb: Dynamic software version selection. International Business Machines Corporation, Thomas E Lees, November 26, 2013: US08595715 (22 worldwide citation)

Dynamic software version selection is performed by associating a binding library with a software component. The binding library comprises a loader component and a binding component, wherein the loader component serves as an intermediary between the software component and the binding component, and t ...

Kelley M Russo, Samuel J Russo: Magnet-based mounting systems for frames. Thomas E Lees, March 19, 2013: US08397411 (19 worldwide citation)

A magnet-based frame mounting system comprises a frame plate that is magnetically attractive and a wall plate that is magnetically attractive. The frame plate has a first surface that mechanically mounts within a rear surface of a frame. Correspondingly, the wall plate has a first surface that mecha ...

Xiao Jun Dai, Zhi Gan, Rui Bo Han, Xian Liu: Managing memory in multiple virtual machines. International Business Machines Corporation, Thomas E Lees, November 5, 2013: US08578370 (17 worldwide citation)

Virtual machines are managed by obtaining software hierarchy information of a current virtual machine to be installed. Then logical memory assigned to the current virtual machine is divided into a private part and a shared part based at least in part upon existing software hierarchy information of a ...

John R Goulding: Method of operating an in-line legged robot vehicle. Thomas E Lees, January 14, 2014: US08630763 (16 worldwide citation)

A single track in-line legged vehicle is controlled to coordinate movement along a desired single-track trajectory by causing each in-line leg to selectively perform a stance-to-flight phase, a flight phase, a flight-to-stance phase, and a stance phase. During the stance-to-flight phase, reaction fo ...

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A computer program product, apparatus, and system, are disclosed for user authentication based on authentication credentials and location information. A computer program product performs operations for such authentication. These operations of the computer program product include referencing past use ...

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An archive for digital content comprises archive storage, an archive service and a manifest. The archive storage is a unified storage structure for storing items, such a directory having a plurality of subdirectories. The manifest is stored within the archive storage when the archive storage is load ...