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A combustion process for reducing nitrogen oxides in combustors is proposed wherein combustion takes place successively forming an incomplete combustion zone, a reducing combustion zone, and a complete combustion zone, respectively corresponding to primary burners, secondary burners and air ports or ...

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Disclosed is a method and apparatus for automatically controlling arc welding, wherein pieces of optical information provided by at least two bands of different wavelengths of light radiated from a weld area being arc-welded under predetermined welding conditions are alternately picked up by an opti ...

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A fluidized bed combustor wherein a combustion chamber and a regeneration chamber are both contained in a single hollow body is provided. These two chambers are formed by vertically partitioning the body by a partition wall, which has an upper opening and a lower one, and also each have a perforated ...

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A combined fluorescent lamp and spotlight which is simple to manufacture and assemble has a trough-shaped body member of generally rectangular section with tubular cylindrical projections at its ends and a chassis member received on the trough-shaped body member and closing the open side thereof, th ...

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A housing made of insulating material has a plurality of slots each accommodating a contact spring including a pair of legs. The free ends of each leg are formed as contact noses facing each other. The contact noses define an opening through which an edge of a printed circuit board may be inserted w ...

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A track member having a bottom end portion resting on an upper surface of a support flange has a clip member slidably attached thereto for movement between a locking position and a releasing position for respectively preventing or permitting upward movement of the rail end portion with respect to th ...

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Method for treatment of biochemical waste which comprises adding acid to the biochemical waste to adjust pH (power of hydrogen ion) thereof, heating the adjusted biochemical waste, adding alkali thereto to neutralize the waste, and treating with anaerobic digestion.

James F Stouffer: Tongue toothbrush. Thomas E Beall Jr, October 6, 1981: US04292705 (33 worldwide citation)

A tongue toothbrush has a hollow, pliable body made of thin film material to envelope the outer portion of the tongue and carry on its terminal end short filaments for brushing the teeth with movement of the tongue. The filaments may be composed of brush bristles permanently or detachably mounted. A ...

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An automatic change-gear control device for use in an electromobile which incorporates a multi-stage change gear drive system. This automatic change gear control device selects and controls a gear ratio for an optimum ratio, depending on the running condition of a vehicle, and particularly provides ...

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A shelf support bracket including a flat rectangular plate having opposite end edges and opposite side edges. Tabs extend outwardly from the plate in one direction for mounting same to a vertical column. Flanges extend outwardly from the side edges of the plate in a direction opposite to the tabs. T ...