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A cleaning formulation, in tablet form, capable of providing uniform delivery of cleaning agents, fragrance and colorants while immersed in a the tank of a toilet. The tablet comprises a solubility-controlling matrix of a linear alkyl benzene sulfonate, and an alkyl sulfate surfactants, a monoalkano ...




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The flexible storage bag includes overlaying first and second sidewalls defining an internal volume that can be accessed from an open top edge. To evacuate air from the internal volume after the open top edge has been closed, the bag includes a one-way valve element attached to the first sidewall an ...

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A retaining element for use with elastic sheet material is disclosed. In one form, the sheet material can be provided as a bag (100) having first and second side walls (102, 104). The retaining element can be in the form of an elastic strip attached to one of the side walls. The retaining strip (120 ...

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Described is a fluid dispensing container having a bottle and fluid withdrawing assembly for liquids, such as liquid cleaners and the like. The bottle has an integral dip tube formed therein, fluidly connecting the inside of the bottle with the top opening of the bottle. A fluid dispensing mechanism ...

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The closure device (121) includes interlocking fastening strips (130, 131) and a slider (132) slidably disposed on the fastening strips for facilitating the occlusion and deocclusion of the fastening strips (130, 131) when moved towards first and second ends thereof. A slider (132) is provided for f ...

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Mechanical emergency override assembly for an electronic throttle valve assembly of the type having a servomotor to control the closure of the throttle valve flap in the range of from 0.degree. to about 4.degree.-15.degree. in accord with predetermined criteria. The mechanical emergency override imp ...

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Several embodiments of resilient slider members and methods of assembling such slider members onto interlocking fastening strips are disclosed herein. The slider member (