Daniel S Torres: Plastic bag handguard. Thomas C Feix, October 18, 1994: US05356190 (14 worldwide citation)

A handguard for plastic bags and like carrying items having thin loop-type handles which includes a planar palm guard member connected by a U-shaped bridging member to a finger guard portion. In vertical elevation, the palm, bridge and finger guard form a J-shape assembly. The handguard further incl ...

Alan F Savicki: Closure device. The Glad Products Company, Thomas C Feix, April 26, 2005: US06883210 (14 worldwide citation)

The closure device (121) includes a first fastening strip (130) and a second fastening strip (131) arranged to be interlocked over a predetermined length. The first fastening strip (130) includes a first offset (169). A slider (132) slidably engages the first and second fastening strips (130 131). T ...

Louis D Hesse: Light bulb receptacle and method of assembly. Phoenix Lighting Products Corporation, Jacques M Dulin, Thomas C Feix, July 30, 1991: US05035655 (14 worldwide citation)

Bulb receptacle assembly and method and apparatus for assembling the bulb receptacle. The bulb receptacle assembly comprises a housing having one open end to receive a bulb base, and a second open end to receive a pair of spaced bulb clamps disposed in the housing. Each bulb clamp engages a terminal ...

Gundolf Kreis: End part for a vehicle longitudinal beam. Audi, Thomas C Feix, March 11, 1997: US05609004 (14 worldwide citation)

An end part for a vehicle longitudinal beam consisting of a longitudinal bearer member designed as a hollow section longitudinal beam (1) and an end part (3) which is partially inserted within and secured to one end of the hollow section longitudinal beam. The end part is formed as an extruded hollo ...

Peter Kreuter: Adjusting device for gas exchange valves. Audi, Jacques M Dulin, Thomas C Feix, January 14, 1992: US05080323 (14 worldwide citation)

An improved adjusting device for an electromagnetically-actuated, spring-loaded positioning system in displacement engines, such as for lifting gas exchange valves in internal combustion engines. The adjusting device comprises a spring system and two electrically-operated, opposed actuating solenoid ...

John Rusnak, Jeff Shoemaker, Amit Shah, Scott O Hara: Bag with elastic strip and method of making the same. The Glad Products Company, Thomas C Feix, July 18, 2006: US07077796 (13 worldwide citation)

Provided is a plastic bag including a live elastic strip that, in the elastic strip's normal condition, contracts thereby constricting an opening of the bag to assist in retaining the bag to an object. The elastic strip includes a first region that is continuously attached to a sidewall of the bag b ...

Alan F Savicki: Closure device. The Glad Products Company, Thomas C Feix, April 5, 2005: US06874205 (13 worldwide citation)

A single-piece slider member (200) is provided for use with a closure device having interlocking fastening strips (108) disposed along opposing side walls (52, 53) of a storage container, such as a conventional plastic bag. The slider member (200) comprises a main body portion (210) which is adapted ...

Robert W Fraser: Bag having improved tie features. The Glad Products Company, Thomas C Feix, May 20, 2003: US06565794 (13 worldwide citation)

A tie bag having improved tie features is provided by increasing the thickness of the tie features as compared to the bag thickness.

John E Rusnak, Robert W Fraser, Jack F Melvan: Draw tape bag and method of manufacture. The Glad Products Company, Thomas C Feix, May 13, 2003: US06561696 (13 worldwide citation)

A plastic draw tape bag includes a non-destructive hem seal which runs along the width of the bag to secure the draw tape. The seal is created by bonding two layers of film by using an adhesive, a hot seal, or a coextruded film. When stressed by adequate forces, the seal will partially open without ...

Kenneth V Merrill: Reversible snap dome container package. Donald C Feix, Thomas C Feix, June 14, 1994: US05320226 (12 worldwide citation)

A container package for shipping and storing handling-sensitive items. The container package is constructed of clear flexible plastic sheet material and includes a matingly engageable pair of top and bottom half container half portions. Each container half portion includes a plurality of reversible ...