Alan F Savicki: Closure device. The Glad Products Company, Thomas C Feix, February 14, 2006: US06996879 (24 worldwide citation)

The closure device includes interlocking fastening strips and a slider. The fastening strips include a flange portion that engages a separator on the slider. The flange portion angles inwardly toward the separator. The flange portion is altered at the closing end of the fastening strips to prevent t ...

Josef Buchl: Method and apparatus for throttle valve control in internal combustion engines. Audi, Jacques M Dulin, Thomas C Feix, May 28, 1991: US05018496 (23 worldwide citation)

Throttle valve assembly having a servomotor to control the closure of the throttle valve flap in the range of from 0.degree. to about 4.degree.-15.degree. in accord with predetermined criteria. Wider opening is controlled by the driver actuating the gas pedal. Upon sudden release of the gas pedal, m ...

Edward Tucker, Al Savicki: Plate container with detachable cover. The Glad Products Company, Thomas C Feix, Ann Lee, August 29, 2006: US07097066 (22 worldwide citation)

A plate container with detachable cover is disclosed. The container includes a base in the form of a plate and a cover. The plate and the cover include first and second closure portions, respectively, which are engageable with each other to maintain the cover in a secure position relative to the bas ...

Peter Kreuter, Klaus P Schmitz: Electromagnetically operated adjusting device. Audi, Jacques M Dulin, Thomas C Feix, April 6, 1993: US05199392 (22 worldwide citation)

An actuator assembly for an electromagnetically-actuated, spring-loaded positioning system in displacement engines, such as for lifting valves in internal combustion engines. The positioning mechanism comprises a three-spring system and two electrically-operated, opposed actuating solenoids, by mean ...

Edward B Rinker, Elizabeth Lane, Simon Litvin, Ilya Ilyin, Alexander Chaliyan, Dmitry Logatchev, Michael Gershman: Filtered water enhancements. The Clorox Company, Thomas C Feix, May 27, 2008: US07378015 (21 worldwide citation)

A system for enhancing water is described. The system includes a housing with an inlet and an outlet, source water at the inlet, which can flow through a filter component in the housing and thus become treated water, and at least one enhancement module that can dispense an enhancement into the treat ...

Atilla Heger: Projection system, in particular for three dimensional representations on a viewing device. Helmut Tan, Thomas C Feix, April 24, 2001: US06220709 (21 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a projection system especially intended for projecting three-dimensional representations on a viewing device (

Dane Dickson, Stephen M Costa, Ezra A Theys: Insect bait station. The Clorox Company, Thomas C Feix, Harry A Pacini, April 17, 2001: US06216384 (20 worldwide citation)

A spill resistant insect bait station having a continuous outer wall leading from the base or bottom surface up to an upper annular surface having a central axial recessed opening therein leading down to a bait source contained in the interior of the station, the interior of the station having an in ...

Elmar Vollmer: Side window safety device for a motor vehicle. Audi, Jacques M Dulin, Thomas C Feix, June 7, 1994: US05318145 (20 worldwide citation)

A safety device in a motor vehicle having side windows fabricated from toughened laminated safety glass with an intermediate plastic film layer. The safety device includes a sensor device for detecting a side collision, and a window striker device for breaking a side window, which striker is activat ...

Mark A Ascik, Greg M Jones: Vertically expandable merchandise display stand. Capo, Jacques M Dulin, Thomas C Feix, November 2, 1993: US05257703 (20 worldwide citation)

A rotatable and vertically expandable/contractible merchandise display stand including a base assembly, an intermediate display assembly and a top mounted crown assembly all arranged coaxially about a longitudinally oriented center shaft member. The intermediate display assembly comprises a generall ...

William Richard McEvoy: Connector with engagement indicator. Thomas C Feix, May 5, 1998: US05746555 (20 worldwide citation)

A coupler for connecting two axially aligned, rod-like reinforcing members or structural parts and which permits a visual confirmation that successful coupling of the two structural parts has been made. The coupler is fashioned as a sleeve with two opposed open ends, each open end for receivingly en ...

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