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The closure device includes interlocking fastening strips and a slider. The fastening strips include a flange portion that engages a separator on the slider. The flange portion angles inwardly toward the separator. The flange portion is altered at the closing end of the fastening strips to prevent t ...

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The present invention relates to a projection system especially intended for projecting three-dimensional representations on a viewing device (

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A coupler for connecting two axially aligned, rod-like reinforcing members or structural parts and which permits a visual confirmation that successful coupling of the two structural parts has been made. The coupler is fashioned as a sleeve with two opposed open ends, each open end for receivingly en ...

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A spill resistant insect bait station having a continuous outer wall leading from the base or bottom surface up to an upper annular surface having a central axial recessed opening therein leading down to a bait source contained in the interior of the station, the interior of the station having an in ...

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Throttle valve assembly having a servomotor to control the closure of the throttle valve flap in the range of from 0.degree. to about 4.degree.-15.degree. in accord with predetermined criteria. Wider opening is controlled by the driver actuating the gas pedal. Upon sudden release of the gas pedal, m ...

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A plate container with detachable cover is disclosed. The container includes a base in the form of a plate and a cover. The plate and the cover include first and second closure portions, respectively, which are engageable with each other to maintain the cover in a secure position relative to the bas ...

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A closure device includes a spring member to increase the sealing action of the closure device. The closure device is particularly suitable for use with flexible containers. The closure device includes a male and a female closure element that include male and female hook portions, respectively. The ...

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An actuator assembly for an electromagnetically-actuated, spring-loaded positioning system in displacement engines, such as for lifting valves in internal combustion engines. The positioning mechanism comprises a three-spring system and two electrically-operated, opposed actuating solenoids, by mean ...

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A system for enhancing water is described. The system includes a housing with an inlet and an outlet, source water at the inlet, which can flow through a filter component in the housing and thus become treated water, and at least one enhancement module that can dispense an enhancement into the treat ...

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A closure device for a thermoplastic bag which includes two opposing, longitudinally extending interlockable male and female fastening strips having respective male and female closure elements or profiles that are deformed to interdigitate and produce an audible clicking sound and or tactile effect ...