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A multi-stage, batch or continuous, manual or automated process and apparatus for safely depressurizing, de-capping (decrimping plus pulling caps), and recycling aerosol cans, propellants, solvents, chemicals, dip tubes, and can tops. The apparatus includes a synchronized sorting and loading unit fo ...

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A motor vehicle body assembled from a plurality of metal frame profiles held together by node connector elements. Each metal frame profile includes an extruded metal portion and a pre-shaped sheet metal portion attached thereto to form a portion of the outer skin of the completed motor vehicle body. ...

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The closure device includes first and second interlocking fastening strips (

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An integrated circuit (IC) test architecture and technique which can be used in conformity with the IEEE 1149.1 test standard and configured on a single chip. This chip can be remotely controlled via a PC or workstation to generate stimulus and collect response data to fully test an IC which matches ...

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A closure device having first and second fastening strips arranged to be interlocked over a predetermined length is provided. Each of said first and second fastening strips includes first and second closure elements separated by an intermediate area, wherein the first closure element on the first fa ...

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Apparatus systems and methods for image analysis, including identification, location and analysis of both patterns of distribution of target images and tracking of a high speed target image. An example is scanning shotgun targets. A target, representing a field of view having multiple images distrib ...

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Bedclothes with fasteners to hold them in place on a bed and maintain a neat appearance of the bed. The bedclothes comprises casings which slip over the foot and head of the bed. A top surface of the bedclothes attached to the casing with a fastener such as Velcro. Optionally the casings and top sur ...

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A vehicle chassis constructed of metal frame elements which are joined together by connecting node elements (connectors). The node elements are configured as upwardly open molded pieces (shells) When assembled, a bottom surface portion of each node element is received in conforming notches disposed ...

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Patient support and positioning system for continuous passive motion (CPM) machines comprising a fully adjustable chair to which is attached a horizontal telescoping arm having a coupling member for fastening the vertical stand of a CPM machine thereto. The chair has full adjustment in all axes: rot ...

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The storage bag includes an interior volume for containing food items and a one-way valve element through which air from the interior volume can be evacuated. To prevent fluids and juices from the stored food items from contaminating the valve element, a separator defining a chamber is included that ...