Demosthenes Grellas: Rehabilitation patient positioning method. Sutter Corporation, Jacques M Dulin, Thomas C Feix, November 17, 1992: US05163451 (37 worldwide citation)

Patient support and positioning system for continuous passive motion (CPM) machines comprising a fully adjustable chair to which is attached a horizontal telescoping arm having a coupling member for fastening the vertical stand of a CPM machine thereto. The chair has full adjustment in all axes; rot ...

Gary Ritts: Magnetically levitated spinning axel display apparatus. CSD, Thomas C Feix, Jacques M Dulin, January 26, 1993: US05182533 (36 worldwide citation)

A magnetically levitated spinning axle display apparatus having a base assembly and an axle assembly. The base assembly includes a base platform member having a plurality of base magnets that are disposed spaced apart along an upper surface thereof. The platform member has an upstanding wall forming ...

Fritz Naumann, Hans Gunther Haldenwanger: Arrangement for cooling the battery of a motor vehicle. Audi, Jacques M Dulin, Thomas C Feix, June 14, 1994: US05320190 (35 worldwide citation)

A motor vehicle battery cooling arrangement wherein the battery is enclosed by a housing which includes an air inlet port connected to an air guide disposed in front of the vehicle's radiator and cooling fan and an air outlet port connected to the outside. When the vehicle is moving, air impacting a ...

Jason R Maxwell: Ventable container assembly. The Glad Products Company, Thomas C Feix, April 15, 2008: US07357272 (34 worldwide citation)

A ventable container comprising a container bottom having an inner cavity, the container bottom further having a side wall that terminates in a container rim; and a selectively detachable lid, the lid including a central panel and peripheral sealing lip that surrounds the panel, the peripheral seali ...


Alan F Savicki, Jason Maxwell: Stackable container lid. The Glad Products Company, Thomas C Feix, September 4, 2007: US07264135 (33 worldwide citation)

A stackable container lid comprising a lid member (80) having a center portion (83a), an edge portion (83b) top and bottom surfaces (82, 84) and closure means (88) adapted to cooperate with the closure device of a container bottom, the lid top surface (82) including a raised boss (100), the raised b ...

Michael G Borchardt, Ronald J Cisek: Closure device providing visual confirmation of occlusion. The Glad Products Company, Thomas C Feix, June 9, 2009: US07543361 (32 worldwide citation)

A closure device providing a visual confirmation of occlusion. The closure device includes a first and a second interlocking fastening strips which are arranged to be interlocked over a predetermined length, at least one of the fastening strips having a surface alteration providing visual confirmati ...

Simon Asato: Convertible backpack chair. Jacques M Dulin, Thomas C Feix, April 19, 1994: US05303975 (32 worldwide citation)

A chair conversion device for a backpack of the type having an external H-bar frame configuration which includes a pair of generally straight tubular side members each of which are pivotally connected adjacent their middle portions to existing side frame members of a provided backpack frame. The tub ...

John Rusnak, Jeff Shoemaker, Amit Shah, Scott O Hara: Bag with elastic strip and method of making the same. The Glad Products Company, Thomas C Feix, September 6, 2005: US06939042 (31 worldwide citation)

Provided is a plastic bag including a live elastic strip that, in the elastic strip's normal condition, contracts thereby constricting an opening of the bag to assist in retaining the bag to an object. The elastic strip includes a first region that is continuously attached to a sidewall of the bag b ...

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