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A particulate dry mix foaming creamer comprises a conventional particulate creamer for coffee beverages and the like together with a foam generating component comprising a food grade acidulant and an alkali metal carbonate or bicarbonate. A dry mix instant hot cappuccino product in accordance with t ...

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A method is disclosed for producing infusion coffee filter packs in which a first strip of filter paper is placed adjacent to a mold having a cylindrical mold pocket, and the strip of filter paper is caused, either mechanically or by a vacuum, to conform to the cylindrical mold pocket. The conformin ...

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An improved process for producing a rapidly water-soluble, free-flowing, substantially sugar-free dry beverage mix is provided by initially physically dry mixing coarse particles of food acids with finely divided particles of flavors and flow conditioners to provide a uniform dispersion, then intima ...

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A shipping and display case having a unique series of perforated tears and cuts for opening the case. The case may have a conventional box shape, including front, back, left, right, top and bottom panels, and the case is provided with a perforated tear line that is used to open the case. The score l ...

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A sugar-free, low-calorie chewing gum utilizing polydextrose as the sole soluble bulking agent. A non-sweet chewing gum with a snack-type flavor or a low-calorie sweetened gum with aspartame or saccharin.

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An easy open tabbed package made of a flexible laminate material comprises a product enclosure having side walls, a bottom portion and an overlapping top portion. The overlapping top portion includes opposing flaps having a sealable region wherein a hand-peelable heat seal can be applied and a raise ...

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A method for producing a moisture-stable product is elucidated, said process includes: admixing a low molecular weight water-soluble material (e.g., monosaccharides or disaccharides) having a molecular weight of from 90 to 500 molecular weight and a melting point of from 80.degree. C. to 180.degree. ...

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A reclosable bag-like container which is constituted of a flexible semi-rigid plastic material and which is adapted to store pourable contents, preferably, such as dry cereals, snacks, sugar, salt, cake mixes and similar types of foodstuffs or comestibles. The container includes a resealable corner ...

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A sealed container includes a base jar for containing a substance and a removable lid for closing and sealing the base jar. The base jar includes a bottom wall, a side enclosure extending upwardly from the bottom wall having an upper portion with a screw thread, and an upper wall extending inwardly ...

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A food packet and preferably a chewing gum packet for holding the chewing gum sticks in the packet after the initial opening and a method for forming the packets.