Scott A George: Medical waste segregation apparatus with moveable floor. Thomas A Kahrl Esq, May 14, 2002: US06386386 (128 worldwide citation)

A Medical Waste Segregation Apparatus and Method for segregating medical waste at the point of disposal within a medical facility in preparation for further segregated disposal outside the facility. The medical waste device is divided in half by a vertical plane extending through the mid point there ...

Charles F Cirigliano: Reversible tote bag. Thomas A Kahrl Esq, August 5, 1997: US05653337 (69 worldwide citation)

A reversible tote bag of foldable construction for containing workmen's tools having a reversible folding wall with a reversible closure adapted to be changeable into multiple positions for ease of use and access, said reversible tote bag adapted for the storage, display, accessing and carrying of w ...

William B Kerfoot: Microporous diffusion apparatus. Thomas A Kahrl Esq, January 5, 1999: US05855775 (48 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for active in situ multi-element gas sparging for bioremediation or physico-chemical degradation for removal of contaminants in a soil formation containing a subsurface groundwater aquifer or a substantially wet unsaturated zone, the multi-gas contained in bubbles, wherein the apparatus in ...

Anthony A Viera: Inertia capsule for golf club. Thomas A Kahrl ESQ, April 22, 2003: US06551199 (39 worldwide citation)

A golf club having an inertia capsule for supporting the strike face of the club, the inertia capsule having a novel air relief channel that is partially filled with mercury and inserted in a hollow club head to transmit ball impact to transition curves cast into the club face uniformly across the c ...

David J Carpinetti: Quick change drill extender system. Thomas A Kahrl Esq, September 28, 1999: US05957634 (36 worldwide citation)

A drill extender apparatus having: (1) an rotary drive coupler providing, on one end, threaded engagement to the drive of a conventional electric drill and a polygonal shaped driven tool receptor cavity and locking collet at the other end; and (2) a tool extender, having drive shaft at one end, and ...

David J Carpinetti: Apparatus for on-site installation of air duct system. Thomas A Kahrl Esq, May 15, 2001: US06231704 (35 worldwide citation)

An insulated air duct apparatus including insulated duct modules and associated insulated fitting apparatus for transferring a volume of fluid in a warm air heating and air conditioning installation without employing external insulation or structural support members, otherwise required to support an ...

Ian A Royle: Tube screw fastener. Thomas A Kahrl Esq, August 27, 1996: US05549431 (18 worldwide citation)

A threaded tubular fastener having an elongated central through-bore having engaging means for engaging said through-bore with a rotary device having a rotary driver, a generally cylindrical body having an external surface with a main external thread formed thereon with a plurality of slots, said th ...

James Hildebrandt: Apparatus and system for cooling electronic circuitry, heat sinks, and related components. Thomas A Kahrl Esq, April 22, 2003: US06552901 (15 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and systems for cooling heat sinks, integrated circuit boards, and electronic components by providing internal passageways in the heat sinks, circuit boards, and electronic components that connect to a fluid manifold. The internal passageways connect to the surface of the heat sinks, circu ...

James M Cleary: Counterflow catalytic device with interactive dilution control. Thomas A Kahrl Esq, October 22, 1996: US05567390 (13 worldwide citation)

A catalytic oxidizer having an interactive dilution control system for continuous treatment of air hydrocarbon vapor mixture having a shell vessel for enclosing a central volume of generally circular cross-section, a combined catalyst chamber and spiral heat exchanger integrally connected and coaxia ...

Edward A Costa Sr: Masthead and spreader bird roosting guard. Thomas A Kahrl Esq, April 1, 1997: US05615524 (10 worldwide citation)

A masthead and spreader bird roosting guard having unique prongs consisting of copper tacks having elongated cut sharp points combined with a self adhesive strip on a metal strip for providing a continuous guard device directed to maritime use on a masthead members including mastheads and spreaders.