Robin F C Beer: Chariot type golf cart. Thomas & Kennedy, October 17, 1989: US04874055 (135 worldwide citation)

A motorized golf cart has a frame that supports a platform upon which a golfer may stand while straddling a golf bag supported upon the platform along an incline. A U-shaped articulated steering bar is provided for adjustable positioning of a handle portion of the bar in forward and intermediate pos ...

L Michael Permenter, Richard W Beckham: Syringe sealing device and method. Peachtree Medical, Thomas & Kennedy, January 3, 1989: US04795443 (116 worldwide citation)

A device for sealing the tip of a syringe needle has a cap from which a shank extends to a mount adapted to be slidably held to the syringe barrel. The cap may be moved in spring-biased contact along the needle body and beyond its tip whereupon it springs into alignment with the tip. By moving the c ...

Michael W Morgan: Syringe assembly. Thomas & Kennedy, May 8, 1990: US04923447 (114 worldwide citation)

A syringe assembly comprises an elongated tubular syringe barrel having a tubular needled mounted to one end and a plunger slidably disposed within the barrel. A hollow outer casing is mounted to and surrounds the syringe barrel with the barrel and the casing defining an interior space therebetween. ...

David M Blackshear: Surveillance camera system. Thomas & Kennedy, July 31, 1990: US04945367 (107 worldwide citation)

A surveillance camera system comprises a spherical housing that has a partially transparent lower, hemispherically shaped gold coated dome with a geometric center. A camera mount is mounted in the housing for panning movements about a vertical pan axis and tilting movement about a horizontal tilt ax ...

Lloyd K Konneker: Pocketknife with integral ring fastener. Thomas & Kennedy, February 18, 1986: US04570341 (96 worldwide citation)

A pocketknife is formed with a latching mechanism that includes a catch and latch for releasibly holding a key ring.

Barry F Scanlon: Vehicular airfoils. Thomas & Kennedy, April 4, 1989: US04818015 (80 worldwide citation)

Collapsible airfoils which reduce wind resistance in their operational positions on the front and rear of a vehicle are moved with minimum effort to and from collapsed stored positions on the sides of the vehicle, such as a truck. A multi-section frame is provided for each resilient airfoil section ...

Anthony J Bradshaw, Raymond T Morrissy, Christopher J Ketchum, John R Hawkins: Intramedullary device. Georgia Tech Research Corporation, Thomas & Kennedy, August 7, 1990: US04946459 (68 worldwide citation)

An intramedullary device for fixing and extending separated portions of a long bone within the body of a patient has a nail member within and affixed to one portion of the bone and an adjustment assembly within and affixed to a separate portion of the bone. The adjustment assembly has a moveable mem ...

Larry L Pierce, June S Pierce: Absorbent sanitary napkin. Thomas & Kennedy, December 25, 1984: US04490147 (57 worldwide citation)

The sanitary napkin includes a base layer 21 of absorbent sheet material, an elongated dry, swellable sponge 27 extending along and supported by the base layer of sheet material, and a cover layer 22 of absorbent sheet material joined at its edge portions to the edge portions of the base layer and c ...

David M Blackshear: Surveillance camera system. Diamond Electronics, Thomas & Kennedy, April 17, 1990: US04918473 (53 worldwide citation)

A surveillance camera system comprises a spherical housing that has a lower, hemispherically shaped, gold coated dome 12 with a geometric center. A camera mount is mounted in the housing for panning movements about a pan axis that extends through the dome center and for tilting movements about a til ...

Brenda Clements: Mascara applicator. Thomas & Kennedy, July 15, 1986: US04600328 (52 worldwide citation)

A mascara applicator has a container formed with two cells and two brushes that have bristles configured as oppositely oriented cones.