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Data is configured in 8-bit control characters and 8-bit data characters and stored in a random access memory as a linked list structure. Control apparatus accesses the data stored in the memory in 16-character blocks and identifies the accessed information as representing figures to be displayed, v ...

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A gas chromatograph system includes a central processor (CPU) and a printer-plotter. The printer-plotter prints characters and plots data using a single 1 by 7 array of thermal resistors to perform both the printing and plotting operations in real time. The system provides continuous and uniform tra ...

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A portable microprocessor controlled transmission impairment measuring unit capable of operating as a master unit or a slave unit and responsive to digital or manual control measures all basic parameters necessary to characterize a voice channel for its ability to transmit data traffic, as defined b ...

Ross H Casey: Continuous loop stuffer cartridge having improved Moebius loop tensioning device. Hewlett Packard Company, Theodore Scott Park, July 17, 1979: US04161270 (10 worldwide citation)

A Ribbon Stuffer Cartridge having improved Moebius loop device includes a ribbon reservoir coupled to a ribbon input port and a ribbon output port, the ribbon output port having a planar triangular-shaped device therein.

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A barrier height voltage reference includes two field-effect transistors which are substantially identical except for their gate-to-channel potential barrier characteristics and which are biased to carry equal drain currents at equal drain voltages. The resulting difference in potential between the ...

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An alignment target for an electron-beam direct write system is formed on a wafer of semiconductor material. First, a layer of silicon oxide is formed on a surface of the wafer. Then a layer of silicon nitride is formed on the oxide. Next, an opening is etched in the nitride layer to expose a surfac ...

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An improved reflection type phase modulator having reduced temperature sensitivity and reduced distortion includes two three-port circulators coupled to form a four-port circulator. A first port is connected to a first phase modulator and a second port is coupled by means of a quarter wavelength tra ...

Thomas Hornak: Charge coupled digital to analog converter. Hewlett Packard Company, Theodore Scott Park, August 15, 1978: US04107670 (8 worldwide citation)

A charge coupled digital to analog converter includes a charge divider coupled to a reference charge generator for producing a plurality of predetermined reference charge portions. The charge portions are applied to a plurality of charge gates, each having outputs and each being coupled to a conditi ...

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An adaptive word line pull-down circuit steers a pull-down current only to the word being pulled down and only for the time when that word is being pulled down. The time that it takes for the bottom word line to fall controls how long the pull-down current is steered to the falling word.

Thomas Hornak: Recirculating type analog to digital converter. Hewlett Packard Company, Theodore Scott Park, July 20, 1976: US03971015 (7 worldwide citation)

An analog to digital converter includes a comparator coupled to a cascade having in serial connection an analog switch, a time delay and an algorithmic coder. The algorithmic coder generates a signal at a first output which is an inverse of a signal appearing at the time delay input and a second out ...