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A surgical implant is produced by coating a metallic substrate with enamel. The metallic substrate provides structural strength and the enamel provides chemical stability, resistance to wear, tissue compatibility, progressive ingrowth and electrical insulating properties. The implant may be produced ...

Stephen William Andrews, Stanley Woltosz: Method for controlling power during electrosurgery. Sybron Corporation, Theodore B Roessel, J Stephen Yeo, May 17, 1977: US04024467 (134 worldwide citation)

A control circuit forelectrosurgical units establishes a particular output signal to patient electrodes in response to condition of the patient electrodes. The duty cycle of the output signal is reduced when the patient electrodes are not in contact with the patient so as to prevent unwanted cutting ...

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An electrode-type steam generator includes a pair of spaced electrodes extending into a pressure vessel having a feed water inlet and a steam outlet. A rotary stirring device, cycled on and off by a pressure switch in the steam outlet, is provided in the vessel below the electrodes and is operative ...

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A medical securement element with a self-tapping screw thread is provided with biocompatible abrasive grains at the surface of the thread. The grains are preferably embedded in a layer of porcelain enamel on a metal substrate.

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A dental syringe employs a single thumb or finger operated control member mounted on the syringe for regulating the flow of air or water or spray. The single control moves axially and vertically with respect to the syringe. Axial movement either forward or rearward from a rest position, initiates an ...

G Louis Reser: Surgical table hydraulic system. Sybron Corporation, Theodore B Roessel, James A Rich, April 1, 1980: US04195829 (67 worldwide citation)

The disclosed surgical table hydraulic system uses a plurality of double acting hydraulic motors, such as double-ended hydraulic cylinders or reversible rotary hydraulic motors, that can be operated either independently or in synchronization. Each of the motors can be connected to a source of pressu ...

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The electrical efficiency of an electrically regenerated ion exchange system is improved by using elongated ion exchange members having a continuous ion exchange phase that is more conductive in the exhausted form than it is in the regenerated form. Preferably, the system includes anion exchange mem ...

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Surgical and dental apparatus may be sterilized after implantation in the patient and caused to provide bactericidal effects in the tissue proximate to the apparatus. The apparatus contains silver or is silver coated. A positive current is applied to the apparatus which releases atomic silver into t ...

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A power supply provides direct current to electrodes attached to a patient. The positive electrode is at least partially silver and releases silver ions as a result of the electric current. Silver ions have known bactericidal properties and may be used to treat infected living tissue. Tissue may, ho ...

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Disclosed is a full dental tray for use in applying a fluoride gel simultaneously to both the upper and lower teeth. The tray is a disposable, laminated structure including a hydrophilic foam interior formed and heat bonded to a polyethylene foam substrate. The tray has upper and lower portions whic ...