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The invention provides methods and apparatuses for the treatment of adipose tissue. The methods comprise application of ultrasound energy to a region of adipose tissue, and the apparatuses comprise at least one source of ultrasound energy configured to direct ultrasound energy through a skin surface ...

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A remote sensing system and method for instrumenting the entries to manhole enclosures, in order to provide a platform and means for sensing environmental parameters within and around the enclosures and wirelessly transmitting those parameters to a distant site. The system comprises a housing with s ...

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In a universal, adjustable spacer assembly, first and second opposed wedges have faces that are inclined with respect to a longitudinal axis. As the wedges translate along the longitudinal axis with respect to one another, vertical distance between an upper face and a lower face of the first and sec ...

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According to the invention, a method and system are provided for scanning, and for facilitating scanning of, an intraoral cavity. The target parts of the intraoral cavity that it is desired to have scanned are identified, and the spatial relationships between a scanning device and the target parts o ...

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A device for determining the surface topology and associated color of a structure, such as a teeth segment, includes a scanner for providing depth data for points along a two-dimensional array substantially orthogonal to the depth direction, and an image acquisition means for providing color data fo ...

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A suction head in fluid communication with a pump head provides a sub-ambient working pressure to a medical site, enabling drainage thereof to a waste container and/or enhancing healing at the site. A passive pressure regulator enables the working pressure to be maintained at a desired level indepen ...

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In highly-available Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing in a network, the dynamic state of a backup OSPF instance in a router is synchronized with the dynamic state of an active OSPF instance using explicit message transmission from the active instance to the backup instance. After this, the dyn ...

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The invention provides a method for creating a physical teeth model. The method comprises the following steps: providing a virtual three dimensional (3D) representation of a patient's dentition that comprises at least a region of the teeth that includes a tooth stump on which a crown is to be fitted ...

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A virtual model of an intraoral cavity is provided, wherein this process is initialized by a dental clinic, and the design and manufacture of a suitable dental prosthesis for the intraoral cavity is shared between a dental lab and a service center.

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A method for producing power from a heat source comprises the steps of: heating an intermediate fluid with heat from the heat source and producing a vaporized intermediate fluid in an intermediate fluid heater/vaporizer. Heat from the vaporized intermediate fluid vaporizes an organic liquid working ...