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A method of forming a colored polymer coating on a substrate is disclosed which comprises mixing a reactive polymer, a reactive colorant, and a linking agent, and reacting the linking agent with the reactive polymer and reactive colorant under suitable conditions to form the colored polymer coating. ...

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A process is provided for coloring thermosetting resins, made by polyaddition reaction of a nucleophile with an electrophile, with a polymeric liquid reactive coloring agent suitable for incorporation in the resin with the formation of covalent bonds, said coloring agent having the formula:

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A polyolefin plastic composition having improved transparency is provided which comprises a polymer selected from aliphatic polyolefins and copolymers containing at least one aliphatic olefin and one or more ethylenically unsaturated aliphatic comonomers, and a di-acetal of sorbitol in an amount suf ...

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A device is provided for severing the tails of a knot formed in sutures of a wide variety of cross-sectional dimensions which includes a housing, an electrical heating element forming at least a portion of a notch, guide means operably associated with the heating element and the housing, the guide m ...

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Fabrics are made electrically conductive by contacting the fabric under agitation conditions with an aqueous solution of a pyrrole or aniline compound, and an oxidizing agent and a doping agent or counter ion; and then epitaxially depositing onto the surface of the individual fibers of said fabric t ...

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A process of coloring polyurethane resins during the production of same with reactive colorants having the formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1, R.sub.2, R.sub.3 are selected from halogen, carboxylic acid, alkanoyl, aryloyl, alkyl, aryl, cyano, sulfonylalkyl, sulfonylaryl, thioalkyl, thioaryl, sulfinyl ...

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Triazine compounds are disclosed which are useful for imparting UV screening properties to polymers of the formula: ##STR1## wherein R is an electron withdrawing group; R.sub.1 is H, ##STR2## where R.sub.3 is an alkyl group having from one to about six carbon atoms; and R.sub.2 is selected from H an ...

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An apparatus and method for reproducing the color of blended colorants on an electronic display such as a cathode ray tube, liquid crystal display or other type of electronic device that utilizes RGB values. Predictions of blended colorants on or in substrates can be made from XYZ measurements of sa ...

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An improved pharmaceutical containment package is provided. The containment package includes a blister card disposed between a cover and a backing. At least one of the cover or the backing is a composite structure including a surface layer, a reinforcing fabric substrate layer in underlying relation ...

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A two or more chambered airbag provides much improved safety and/or performance. A modified single chamber airbag can be used as the primary chamber of the two-chamber airbag. A piece of fabric of appropriate size is sewn to the inside or outside surface of the front panel of the primary chamber to ...