Mark Stephen Wight, Stephen H Brazeau, Ian I Grant: Low amplitude peak detector. Nortel Networks Corporation, T Gary O Neill, Gowling Strathy & Henderson, May 16, 2000: US06064238 (10 worldwide citation)

It is an object of the invention to provide a peak detector with improved precision for low amplitude AC signals for a broad range of input frequencies. One embodiment of the invention is broadly defined as an AC peak detector for receiving an input signal and a negative DC potential and providing a ...

Richard Glenn Kusyk, Craig Donald Suitor: Alarm signal processing circuit. Northern Telecom, T Gary O Neill, Ikuko Wada, Gowling Strathy & Henderson, July 6, 1999: US05920258 (8 worldwide citation)

An alarm signal processing circuit is provided for an integrated circuit having alarm signal generating circuitry for generating alarm signals having active and inactive states, and for connecting to a microprocessor. An alarm signal is stored in an alarm register which stores an inactive alarm sign ...

Robert McLaren Thomas: High level diode mixer. Nortel Networks Corporation, T Gary O Neill, Gowling Strathy & Henderson, March 21, 2000: US06041223 (7 worldwide citation)

A double balanced mixer consisting of two complementary solid state switches, with a high reverse-bias voltage provided by isolating the sides of the complementary solid state switches receiving the carrier signal from one another, and connecting the other sides together. If the solid state switches ...

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