Robert L Anderson, Daniel C Colesworthy III, Warren P Heim, Larry Blankenship: Pump chamber back pressure dissipation apparatus and method. Baxter International, F C Kowalik, P E Schaafsma, T D Bratschun, August 19, 1997: US05658133 (96 worldwide citation)

A medical infusion pump (10) for delivering liquids to a patient includes an elastomeric pump chamber (140) contractable between a refill position and a discharge position. An inlet valve (122) is operatively associated with an elastomeric inlet (142) supplying liquid to the pump chamber (140). The ...

Michael D McMahon, Andre M Rustad: Anti-siphon flow restricter for a nebulizer. Baxter International, F C Kowalik, T D Bratschun, December 3, 1996: US05579757 (47 worldwide citation)

A nebulizer (10) has a housing (12,14) including an aerosol outlet (22) and a bottom wall (52) with a side wall (50) connected thereto defining a reservoir (54) for a liquid (106). A gas jet (58) extends along a longitudinal axis (60) of the housing (12,14) and through the bottom wall (52) of the ho ...

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