Veli Pekka Ketonen: Antenna and cable monitoring for radio base station. Nokia Corporation, T Brooke Hayes, July 15, 2003: US06594508 (33 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for providing an antenna condition signal and a feeder cable condition signal in a base station having an antenna coupled to a cabinet by an antenna feeder cable. Two directional couplers are configured to detect forward and reflected signals to and from the antenna. Power det ...

Veli Pekka Ketonen: Method and apparatus for a radio frequency power divider having un-terminated outputs. Nokia Corporation, T Brooke Hayes, June 4, 2002: US06400236 (1 worldwide citation)

A circuit for an output divider has an input port, an output port coupled to the input port at a first node, and a voltage controlled element, such as a varactor, having a first end coupled at the first node to the input port. A second end is coupled to a resistive element, such as a resistor, with ...

Veli Pekka Ketonen: Apparatus, and associated method, for selectively modifying characteristics of the receive signal received at a receiving station. Nokia Corporation, T Brooke Hayes, April 16, 2002: US06374083

Apparatus and an associated method for improving the receiver portion of a radio receiver, such as the receiver portion of a radio base station operable in a cellular communication system. A mast head amplifier is provided at a mast head to amplify electrical signals formed by the mast head. The amp ...

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