Zachary Lane Guthrie: Automated methods and apparatus for analyzing business processes. T Benjamin Schroeder, Ben Schroeder Law PLLC, August 20, 2013: US08515801 (4 worldwide citation)

A method of identifying losses in a transactional environment is described. The method includes collecting transactional information related to a business process that has an intended outcome. The transactional information includes transactions involving the use of a computing resource. These transa ...

Matthew A Davies, Kevin Scott Smith: Methods and systems for creating assemblies. Leak & Schroeder PLLC, T Benjamin Schroeder, Frank W Leak, July 31, 2012: US08230572 (2 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for creating assemblies are described. One method described comprises providing a first element at a first temperature, providing a second element at a second temperature lower than the first temperature, coupling the first and second elements to create an assembly, and changing ...

Joseph K Price: Anodizing system with a coating thickness monitor and an anodized product. Sensory Analytics, Kilpatrick Stockton, Charles W Calkins, T Benjamin Schroeder, September 25, 2007: US07274463

An anodizing system for forming a anodized coating on at least a portion of a substrate thereby creating an anodized substrate is disclosed. The anodizing system includes a bath, a coating thickness monitor, at least one probe and at least one controller. The coating thickness monitor includes at le ...


Mark E Welker, Ramakrishna R Pidaparthi: Compounds and compositions containing silicon and/or other heteroatoms and/or metals and methods of making and using them. Leak & Schroeder PLLC, T Benjamin Schroeder, Frank W Leak, February 7, 2012: US08110695

The present invention relates to compounds, intermediates, compositions, and methods of making compounds and intermediates related to the compounds of Formula (I) and/or Formula (II) and/or Formula (III) and/or Formula (IV) and/or Formula (VI) and/or Formula (VII) as disclosed herein wherein the var ...

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