James Kraemer Ph.D.
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A method and system for assessing the potential for change in the value of a customer introduces the notion of “intrinsic customer value” (ICV) of a customer or a particular group of customers sharing similar characteristics. The ICV can be used in conjunction with the customer's actual historic val ...

Michael J Picciallo: Third party credit card. Synnestvedt & Lechner, March 28, 2000: US06044360 (447 worldwide citation)

A system for allocating funds in pre-established customer accounts including:

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A one-way valve suitable for implant in the human vascular system is disclosed. The valve is formed by a tube of braided filaments and has an upstream end supported in an open configuration by a radial support. The valve has a downstream portion formed by a plurality of flexible leaflets resiliently ...

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A method of playing a wagering game against the house which includes the steps of wagering an amount of credits, randomly selecting at least two primary sets of symbols and randomly selecting at least one secondary set of symbols. Each primary set is to have at least two symbols, the secondary set t ...

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Polymeric drug formulations containing a non-releasing single-phase dispersion of a water-soluble drug in a water-insoluble tissue-compatible polymer matrix. Polymeric drug formulations are also disclosed containing a single-phase dispersion of a water-soluble drug and a water-insoluble tissue-compa ...

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An intraluminal filter for vascular use during medical procedures is disclosed. The filter is formed of a plurality of flexible, resilient monofilament wires interbraided in a relatively open mesh forming a basket with a plurality of multifilament yarns braided in a relatively closed mesh having a p ...

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A method and apparatus for rapid search and co-display of graphics and tabular data for both local and distributed computer systems. The method rapidly selects and displays related graphical and text information via a Graphical User Interface (GUI) from both a Graphical Relationship Database (GRDB) ...

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A method and system for enabling wireless devices to be paired or permanently associated by a user or a network administrator. The method and system utilize well known public key cryptography and machine unique identifiers to establish a secure channel and associate the devices with eachother. This ...

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An improved method and apparatus for downloading compressed audio/visual (AV) data and/or graphical/tabular information from a remote Server to an End User Station (EUS) for the purpose of decompressing and/or displaying said downloaded data. The EUS may transmit a query to the Server manually and/o ...

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A polymer with a hydrolytically labile backbone and having the structure: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.9 is an alkyl, aryl or alkylaryl group with up to 18 carbon atoms having a pendent carboxylic acid group or the benzyl ester thereof;