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An improved optical cable (10) having increased bending flexibilitiy along with increased tensile strength comprises means for controlling coupling between a cable jacket (28) and its reinforcing strength members (26). In one embodiment, a reinforcement bedding layer (23) is applied between a plasti ...

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A scheme for digitally encoding continuous-tone information from an original pictorial image includes processing electrical signals via separate networks (20,30) to generate (a) high-resolution detail data of "black" and "white" pels, and (b) low-resolution gray-scale or background data approximatin ...

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A connector assembly (10) has been developed with an aligning coupler (300) and connectors (100, 200) which simplify the joining of a pair of mateable optical fiber termination structures (112, 212). The coupler (300) comprises a pair of rigid elongated members (310, 340) having inner surfaces (312, ...

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A cabling technique for assembling an optical communication cable having a helically twisted stacked array of optical fiber ribbons and an extruded cable jacket to which helically stranded longitudinal strength members are tightly coupled.

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Splicing of two mating optical fiber ribbons is achieved with a connector comprising a multigrooved substrate with vacuum slots normal to the fiber-receiving grooves and a mating cover. Air drawn through the vacuum slots during the splicing operation holds the exposed ribbon fibers in the grooves to ...

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While randomized splicing of twisted conductor pairs within groups in pulp cables is generally desirable to avoid electrical degradation resulting from systematic additions of capacitance unbalances, restoration of such cables, when severed, requires identification of each conductor pair for splicin ...

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A device (70) for switching optical signal paths of the type utilizing a plurality of light-transmitting optical fibers (40, 50) comprises a flexible elongated sleeve (20) having a longitudinally continuous interior cross section (24) with a plurality of corners (30) forming fiber-aligning grooves. ...

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A connector (10) comprising an index strip (100) with wire-retaining slots (112) for receiving individual conductors (20), a connector module (200) with wire-engaging contact elements (40) and an index-strip portion (203), and a module cap (300). The wire-retaining slots (112, 212) in the index stri ...

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This disclosure discloses a graphics transmission system using a chalk writing blackboard, a transceiver and a memory. The blackboard is a pressure-sensitive device under control of circuitry in the transceiver producing indicia of the instantaneous position of the chalk on the writing surface. An e ...

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An improved electrical jack assembly (20) for converting to modular use a telephone terminal block (10) with screw terminals (11) is disclosed. Leads (32) in the jack assembly connect at one end (31) to contact elements (27) in a modular jack (22) affixed to an assembly housing (21) and at the other ...