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Metal nanoparticles associated with a spectroscopy-active analyte and surrounded by an encapsulant are useful as sensitive optical tags detectable by surface-enhanced spectroscopy.

Charles I Cook: Antenna installation apparatus and method. CenturyLink Intellectual Property, Swanson & Bratschun L L C, September 16, 2014: US08836607 (142 worldwide citation)

Methods and systems are disclosed for enabling installation of antennas in a cost effective and efficient manner. The methods and systems disclosed herein provide a hollow pole and an elevating mechanism, wherein the elevating mechanism can be used to position antenna equipment located in one or mor ...

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In one embodiment, when a mobile device is powered on, a mobile switching center acquires the contact information, such as, but not limited to, a phone number and the physical location associated with the mobile device. If the mobile device is a new device to the area, the contact information of the ...

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Growth of a distributed communication system is facilitated through dynamic addition of routing elements. A new routing element may be added to a network of routing elements by first establishing a connection between the new routing element and an existing routing element in the network. The connect ...

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The subject invention concerns new methods which make it possible, for the first time, to grow functional islets in in vitro cultures. The subject invention also concerns the use of the in vitro grown islet-like structures for implantation into a mammal for in vivo therapy of diabetes. The subject i ...

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Methods and instrumentation for performing charge coupled device (CCD)-based confocal spectroscopy with a laser spot array are provided. The methods and instruments of the invention are useful in any spectroscopic application, including, but not limited to, microscopy and microvolume laser scanning ...

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Methods are described for the identification of nucleic acid ligand solutions to thrombin. The present invention utilizes the SELEX (Systematic Evolution of Ligands for EXponential Enrichment) method for identfying and preparing DNA ligands to thrombin. Further included in the present invention are ...

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A new class of nucleic acid compounds, referred to as nucleic acid ligands, have been shown to exist that have a specific binding affinity for three dimensional molecular targets. In a preferred embodiment the ligands are identified by the method of the invention referred to as the Systematic Evolut ...

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The disclosed embodiments include methods and systems for distributing a broadband wireless signal in a building. The disclosed methods and systems feature a wireless broadband transmitter associated with multiple base antennas, where the base antennas are inserted into one or more ducts of the vent ...

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Disclosed is a method and device for rapid heating of a coated substance which preferably includes a drug to vaporized for inhalation therapy. A device in accordance with the present invention preferably includes a substrate which has an interior surface surrounding an interior region and an exterio ...