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An optical fiber having both low macrobend loss and low microbend loss. The fiber has a MAC number less than 7.0 and a zero dispersion wavelength less than 1450 nm. The optical fiber advantageously comprises a primary coating and a secondary coating. The primary coating has a Young's modulus of less ...

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The dual wavelength pumping scheme controls the relative population of the termination state vis-a-vis the metastable state. Praseodymium doped chalcogenide glass and a variety of thulium doped glasses are described as examples. The relative pump powers or wavelengths may be adjusted to control the ...

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The method and apparatus of the present invention achieves the trimming and, therefore, tuning of fiber optic devices by, in on embodiment, precisely heating a small area of a fiber to allow its elongation when mounted under tension in its package. By pulsing a source of heat in precise amounts, the ...

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Negative thermal expansion materials, methods of preparation and uses therefor are disclosed. The materials are useful for negative thermal expansion substrates, such as those used for optical fiber gratings.

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A multichannel fiber optic communication network incorporates multichannel fiber optical amplifiers having different functions but designed to use substantially identical gain flattening filters. This is achieved by designing the amplifiers to have total insertion losses such that their respective i ...

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An optical amplifier includes an optical feedback resonant laser cavity (OFRC) including a power dependent loss element (PDLE) having the characteristic that as the incident laser power on the PDLE increases the cavity loss decreases. The OFRC with the PDLE provides optical gain control or optical p ...

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An illumination system generating light having at least one wavelength within 200 nm to 2000 nm range. The system includes a light source and at least one light diffusing optical fiber with a plurality of nano-sized structures (e.g., voids). The optical fiber is coupled to the light source. The ligh ...

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The variables and parameters previously understood to affect the gain spectrum of an optical amplifier 13 were: (1) the wavelengths to be amplified; (2) the input power levels at those wavelengths; (3) the characteristics of the amplifying medium 20; (4) the insertion loss spectra of the amplifier's ...

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The present invention relates to an optical fiber including a fiber core and at least one coating substantially encapsulating the fiber core, wherein the at least one coating includes a material forming a data storage medium which is capable of digitally encoding information at a data density of at ...