Stephen E Schmitt, Chris Peterson, Mark Rosland: Printed item having an image with a high durability and/or resolution. Susan M Schmitt, Peters Verny Jones & Schmitt, June 12, 2008: US20080136887-A1

A printed device is provided with an image printed thereon, having a relatively high durability and/or resolution. A printer and method are also provided to produce a high durability image by treating an item to be printed with plasma. In particular, a printer is provided that is configured to conve ...

Mir A Imran, Olivier K Colliou, Ted W Layman, Sharon L Lake: Aendoscopic instrument system@. Susan M Schmitt, Peters Verny Jones & Schmitt, October 27, 2005: US20050236277-A9

A device, system and method for diagnosing and treating gastric disorders is provided. A functional device resides within the patient's stomach and is secured to the stomach wall by an attachment device. The functional device may be a sensor for sensing various parameters of the stomach or stomach e ...

Giovanni M Pauletti, James H Liu, Leslie Z Benet, Wolfgang A Ritschel: Hana Verny Howard M Peters, Allston L Jones Susan M Schmitt, March 13, 2003: US20030049302-A1

Devices, methods, and compositions for cancer therapy by administration of chemotherapeutic agents and/or inhibitors of membrane efflux systems to the vagina for topical and systemic tumor targets.

Mir A Imran, Olivier K Colliou, Ted W Layman, Sharon L Lake, Harm TenHoff, Timothy J Hughes: System for marking a location for treatment within the gastrointestinal tract. Susan M Schmitt, February 24, 2011: US20110046479-A1

A device and method for mapping, diagnosing and treating the intestinal tract is provided using a capsule passing through the intestinal tract. Further, a capsule tracking system is provided for tracking a capsule's location along the length of an intestinal tract as various treatment and/or sensing ...