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The present invention relates to a surgical apparatus for providing an accurately placed recess in a distal femoral surface for the intercondylar stabilizing housing of a posterior-stabilized knee implant prosthesis which apparatus comprises (a) a template having (1) a bottom surface which is adapte ...

Kenneth W Russell, Leo A Whiteside: Femoral surface shaping guide for knee implants. Dow Corning Wright Corporation, Susan M Cornwall, February 2, 1988: US04722330 (199 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a distal femoral surface shaping guide for mounting on an intramedullary alignment guide which references the central long axis of the femur in shaping the distal femoral surface and a method for shaping the distal femur using that shaping guide. The alignment guide ...

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A composition and method for forming elastomeric pressure sensitive adhesives comprising a mixture of (A) a xylene-soluble resin copolymer of 0.6 to 0.9 triorganosiloxy units per SiO.sub.4/2 unit and having less than 0.7 weight % silicon-bonded hydroxyl units. (B) a polydiorganosiloxane fluid endcap ...

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Tack-free silicone gel moldings and methods of making such moldings are prepared by coating tacky silicone gel moldings with a silicone rubber particles, having an average diameter less than about 1 mm.

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A prosthetic shim and a method for use of prosthetic shims to provide level support and increase the effective thickness of a femoral knee joint component having at least one fixation peg extending from the face which is to seat against the distal end of a femur. The shim is for placement between th ...

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A pressure-adherent silicone elastomer composition comprising a homogeneous mixture of a silicone pressure sensitive adhesive composition, a crosslinkable silicone elastomer composition, and, optionally, a viscosity reducing agent. Specifically, the silicone pressure sensitive adhesive composition i ...

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A container includes two container members which, when together, form an interior which includes a cup sized and shaped to hold a cupcake. The cup has a bottom, sides, and at least one protrusion extending inwardly from at least one of the sides. The protrusion is positioned and protrudes inwardly e ...

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This invention provides compositions which are curable to hydrophilic, water-absorbing silicone-organic copolymer elastomers via free radical polymerization such as by the use of free radical precursors, ultraviolet light or electron beam radiation. The compositions are mixtures of (A) from 50 to 95 ...

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An instrument for subcutaneously inserting an injection reservoir attached to an inflatable prosthesis by means of an elongated fluid conduit is disclosed. The instrument has a hollowed end which holds the injection reservoir to be inserted in a mating, releasable fashion and that end is attached to ...

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A tissue expander and a method for making a tissue expander which includes (a) a fluid-tight envelope which is inflatable by a single means for inflation and which has an expandable upper section formed of (i) a first elastic portion and (ii) a second elastic portion formed of a material having a lo ...