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A hand-held optically readable information set reader having one or more photosensor arrays, at least one information set illuminator, and an information set image transfer system for projecting a readable image of an information set onto the one or more photosensor arrays.

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A portable data collection system employing a portable data terminal having increased functionality is disclosed. The portable data terminal includes an integral magnetic stripe reader for reading information magnetically encoded on a magnetic stripe card, such as a credit card or the like. An inter ...

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The present invention includes a user-replaceable components assembly which permits rapid and intuitively obvious replacement of components in devices such as portable electronic devices. An environmental seal is provided around the components to protect the inner circuitry of the electronic device. ...

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A touchpad pointing device dynamically adjusts cursor control gain characteristics based on the x-y coordinates at which the finger first touches the touchpad for a given cursor control task. In this manner, cursor control gain such as simple cursor tracking rate or cursor acceleration profile may b ...

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A fiber reinforced composite material comprising a resin matrix and primary reinforcement fibers and further comprising secondary, smaller diameter, reinforcement fibers at one or more ply interfaces, or portion thereof, provides improved interlaminar toughness, strength, and delamination resistance ...

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The present invention relates to a system and method for manipulating a display of data by utilizing motion input. In an exemplary embodiment, a digital information appliance suitable for utilization of motion input and for display of data includes a detector for detecting rotation of the digital in ...

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A hand-held computer terminal employing a touch screen for the input of handwritten data comprises a contoured surface disposed between a touch screen surface and input keys or buttons, thereby providing improved ergonomics aiding in the entry of handwritten data while preventing unintentional actua ...

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A portable hand-held reader unit includes a photosensor array, optics for focusing optical indicia on the array, a decoder for remotely decoding optical indicia, and a communication link between the hand-held reader and the decoder for communication between the reader and the decoder. In an addition ...

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A scanner for reading two-dimensional optical information sets is described which includes a housing for supporting a photosensitive array associated with an optical string adapted to focus optical information on the array. Also provided are array and optical string controls for controlling the arra ...

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A method and system for adjusting the settings of an information handling system based on the individual user preferences of one or more users is disclosed. An individual user preference profile is retrieved for each identified user of the information handling system. A combined user preference prof ...