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The invention relates to a process for the manufacture of a fleece-like sheet having a non-woven texture, from a large number of melt-spun monofilaments.The improvement resides in the arrangement of the melt-spun monofilaments in a curtain-like form which is then subjected to the action of a pair of ...

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The present invention provides a highly automated agricultural production system which comprises, as essential components:

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This invention relates to cardiovascular clamps for use in various surgical applications so constructed that they may be applied to the arteries or veins of a patient in such manner that little or no strain is placed upon the clamped tissue, and when so applied, the handle portion of the clamp is po ...

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A control computer is connected via a coaxial cable to a plurality of remote terminals. Data and command signals are transmitted in the forward direction from the computer to the terminals by time-multiplexing the signals on one channel of the cable and data and request signals are transmitted in th ...

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An excellent thermochromic material exhibiting a sharp and reversible metachromatism at temperatures within a range of from -40.degree. to 80.degree. C can be formed from (A) an electron-donating, chromatic organic compound; (B) a compound containing a phenolic hydroxyl group; (C) a compound selecte ...

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Connection for joining end to end, two sections of coaxial cable, comprising two metallic half-shells having elastic and truncated cone-shaped ends, by centering and fixing the half-shells round the central conductor of the sections and of the ends of their external conductors and clamping the ends ...

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A multi-purpose information gathering and distribution system in which a plurality of remote stations are controlled by and report to a central station. The central station includes an omni-directional antenna which radiates a modulated information signal to all of the remote stations. At predetermi ...

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Existing CATV coaxial cable systems are found to present a transparent window, in both the upstream and downstream directions, to communications signals over a frequency band from 10-300KHz, whereby such signals follow the path of the 60Hz power signal throughout the system. Signals in this band do ...

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The feature vectors of a sequence representative of a first pattern are correlated to those in another sequence representative of a second pattern in such a manner that the normalized sum of the quantities representative of the similarity between each feature vector of a sequence and at least one fe ...

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A digital television transmission system for transmitting television signals at substantially reduced bit rate and bandwidth. Frequency interleaving techniques reduce the sampling rate,and digital differential PCM with edge recoding techniques reduce the number of bits per sample. Further, reduction ...