Marion F Rudy: Footwear. Robert C Bogert, Subkow and Kriegel, September 2, 1980: US04219945 (422 worldwide citation)

A shoe embodying a multiple chambered pneumatically inflated insert encapsulated in a yieldable foam which acts as a bridging moderator filling in irregularities of the insert and providing a substantially smooth and contoured surface for supporting the foot in a comfortable manner. The encapsulated ...

Marion F Rudy: Insole construction for articles of footwear. Robert C Bogert, Subkow and Kriegel, January 15, 1980: US04183156 (397 worldwide citation)

An improved construction for articles of footwear, such as boots and shoes of all types, includes an inflated insert, preferably in the shape of an insole, having a multiplicity of intercommunicating, gas containing chambers, and a ventilated moderator member which overlies the inflated insole for e ...

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Shoes incorporating a multiple chambered sole member inflated to a pressure above atmospheric, and disposed above and adjacent to an outsole having a deflectable web and projecting elements, such as ground-engaging studs, depending from the web and disposed in spaced geometric relation to each other ...

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Devices for packaging and/or cushioning products and objects, the devices including permeable elastomeric sheets sealed together at predetermined locations to form separate and discrete chambers, or intercommunicating chambers, inflated initially with a gaseous medium comprising a gas other than air ...

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Tool for drilling bore holes and earth formations in which a bit body matrix, including tungsten carbide, has a plurality of carriers secured thereto, to each of which a cutting element is secured by soldering, after the body matrix has been produced, to avoid subjecting the diamond material embodie ...

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The upper end of a rotary drill bit having initially retracted expansible cutters is connected to a stabilizer having initially retracted expansible stabilizer members, the upper end of the stabilizer being connectable to a rotary drill pipe string. The apparatus is lowered in a bore hole on the dri ...

Kenneth A Brock: Well casing window mill. Christensen, Subkow and Kriegel, May 12, 1981: US04266621 (73 worldwide citation)

A diamond milling cutter for elongating a laterally opening window in a well casing set in a well bore extending into the earth. The mill has a revolving surface which engages a sidetracking whipstock or the edge of the casing being milled to urge the mill off dead center on the casing edge and enha ...

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A packer having an orienting device is lowered in a well bore to a desired location and turned, if necessary, to point the orienting device in a selected direction, after which the packer is anchored against movement in the well bore. A whipstock, anchor and orienting mandrel are secured together in ...

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A pilot hole of a preselected diameter is drilled with a suitable bit in an earth formation to a desired depth. The bit is withdrawn from the hole, and an expandable hole opener or underreamer run in the pilot hole with its cutters fully retracted and closely adjacent to each other. When the depth i ...

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The invention relates to the design of earth bore-hole drill bits employing shaped preform cutters containing hard abrasive materials, such as diamonds, the cutters being mounted in companion preformed sockets in a hard metal bit matrix.