Xiong Yan, Cm Sabin: Vacuum packaging aiding method and device. Tempra Technology, su juan zhang shegao, July 2, 2003: CN01809013 (4 worldwide citation)

Vacuum packaging methods and materials are disclosed. The materials are fusible and can form a part of a heat seal closure for non-rigid and semi-rigid packages (1). The methods are suitable for packages containing materials generally, and are well suited for those containing granular materials.

P Frisk: Method for filling, apparatus for filling and container for filling and packaging. Tetra Laval Holdings &Amp Finance, su juan huang lihang, December 10, 2003: CN01811615 (4 worldwide citation)

A method for filling, which comprises supplying a barrier layer forming raw material (a barrier material precursor in a gas form) to the inside of a container, irradiating the inside with a high energy ray, to thereby form a barrier layer on the inner surface of the container and at the same time st ...

U Becher: Twin screw rotors and displacement machines containing the same. Ateliers Busch, su juan zhao xin, September 24, 2003: CN01813448 (4 worldwide citation)

The twin screw rotors for axially parallel instalment in displacement machines for compressible media have asymmetrical transverse profiles and arc numbers which are >= 2. The pitch (L) varies according to the angle of contact ( alpha ), increasing in a first partial area (T1) from the suction-side ...

A Yoakim, P Masek: Percolating device. Societe Des Produits Nestel, su juan, February 18, 2004: CN01819544 (4 worldwide citation)

Percolating device, for example intended to equip a coffee machine, comprising a percolating chamber (14, 15) mounted in such a way that it can carry out a displacement in the vertical direction when a control handle (6) is operated. A cap (3) receiving a capsule of product to be infused is also dis ...

F Exsinar: Tricot machine. Karlmayer Textilmaschinenfabrick, su juan, August 1, 2001: CN01103010 (3 worldwide citation)

A warp knitting machine with cumulate reducer producing for the displacement of a comb in which at least one addition member is made operative by an eccentric cam which, with the assistance of a switchable coupling, is rotated 180 degrees by a drive shaft. The mean rate of rotation of the drive shaf ...

P Gittler: Electrostatic dust remover. Voest Alpine Industrienalagenbau, su juan zhao xin, September 24, 2003: CN01813417 (3 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an electrostatic dust separator (8) for a horizontal gas flow, comprising a housing (2) which is substantially rotationally symmetrical to a central housing axis (3). Said dust separator also comprises an input connection piece (1) which extends the housing diameter (D) by 8 ...

R Olde: High-pressure piston cylinder. Wartsila Schweiz, su juan, October 2, 2002: CN02105164 (2 worldwide citation)

This high pressure feed pump for the high pressure piston in the cylinder unit (1), especially for the internal combustion engine, comprises a cylinder (3) having a cylinder bore (3a) and the high pressure piston 2 movably guided in the moving direction (V) in the cylinder. The cylinder (3) has a fu ...

Goerig Diethard, Seith Thomas: Device for application in a fan arrangement. Bsh Bosch Siemens Hausgeraete, su juan zhao xin, January 5, 2005: CN02819385 (2 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a device for application in a fan arrangement, designed, in particular, to be directly driven by an electric motor. In said fan arrangement, a centrifugal fan wheel is mounted to rotate in unison with a drive shaft. Said centrifugal fan wheel, for inter alia producin ...

J Haid: Adhering method and device for packaging part. Topack Verpackungstechnik, su juan, September 5, 2001: CN01104989 (2 worldwide citation)

This invention provided a method and a device for bonding a packaging element (11) of a package (10) for a product of the tobacco processing industry, a cigarette package in particular, wherein an adhesive (12) is applied at least to one of the packing elements (11) to be bonded. In order to harden ...

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The invention concerns a method and a device enabling to treat a component on a production line for a longer treating period than the time interval during which the production line is stopped in front of the work station. The method and the device of the invention use only one treating apparatus and ...