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A catheter holder has a pad of medical grade adhesive material having one surface for attachment to the skin of a wearer, and a pair of tapes secured to and extending from the other surface of the pad. A multiple use adhesive is placed on a surface of at least one tape which surface faces generally ...

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A biodegradable, biocompatible, resorbable infusion stent comprising a terpolymer of:

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A radiopaque identification marker is incorporated into a radiolucent prosthesis, such as a breast implant. The marker denotes data which is ascertainable prior or subsequent to implantation.

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A device for anchoring catheter tubing to the skin of a patient which includes a resiliently flexible pad attachable to the patient's skin. The pad has a predetermined dimensioned arcuate passageway disposed therein for snugly receiving and redirecting the tube. The passageway is externally accessib ...

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A spiral ureteral stent is positioned in the ureter to aid in infusion of the renal pelvis and to maintain fluid drainage between the renal pelvis and the bladder. The stent includes a helical coiled section having retaining means at the distal and proximal ends for reception in the bladder and the ...

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The catheter includes a user-controlled incontinence portion that is combinable with a fluid drainage member to permit continuous bladder drainage into a fluid collection member. The fluid drainage member can be detached from the incontinence portion fo the catheter while the catheter is installed i ...

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A permanent, biocompatible material for soft tissue augmentation. The biocompatible material comprises a matrix of smooth, round, finely divided, substantially spherical particles of a biocompatible ceramic material, close to or in contact with each other, which provide a scaffold or lattice for aut ...

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The self-sealing subcutaneous infusion and withdrawal device or septum includes a cup-shaped needle stop member that defines a fluid chamber having a fluid transfer opening. A jacket envelops the needle stop member and includes an integrally formed delivery tube that aligns with the fluid transfer o ...

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A female incontinence control device includes a conduit having inlet and outlet openings for receiving, conducting and discharging urinary fluid. The device also includes stabilizing structure, which can be adjustable, for holding the conduit in its installed position relative to the urethra and bla ...

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The sheath for endoscope includes a tubular sleeve portion and a lens cover portion at one end of the tubular sleeve portion. The lens cover portion is of a predetermined thickness that minimizes light reflection onto the field of view of the endoscope. The sheath thus provides optimum visual acuity ...