Anthony C Thorne: Microtest plates. Dynatech Holdings, Strauch Nolan Neale Nies & Kurz, May 15, 1979: US04154795 (169 worldwide citation)

A microtest plate is characterized by a tray conveniently moulded of foam plastics, having a multiplicity of compartments and a multiplicity of individual wells fitted into the compartments, at least some of the wells preferably being moulded integrally with one another, and preferably being arrange ...

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An intrauterine contraceptive device made from plastic having a C-shape or Omega-shape to enable it to lie in the uterine cavity. Lines of predetermined length are attached at one of their ends respectively to enlargement portions of the terminal ends of the device and with their other ends fastened ...

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A relatively narrow diameter tubular inserter adaptable for use with a wide variety of intrauterine devices, having lateral slots therein for retaining a resilient intrauterine device in an undeformed state during shipment and storage prior to insertion. The intrauterine device is moved to a deforme ...

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A combination spray pattern selecting and valve operating assembly adapted to be mounted on a pressurized container having a valve comprises cap structure mounting a spray pattern selector member having at least two spaced bores therein containing insert plugs that are formed with through passages p ...

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Accuracy of flight of a golf ball struck by an otherwise conventional golf club is improved by providing a circle of precisely the diameter of a golf ball on the upper surface of the club head whereby when the club head is laid adjacent a ball prior to a swinging stroke the adjacent circular configu ...

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A highway safety device or barrier for decelerating and redirecting an errant vehicle as it approaches a hazard. The safety device includes a plurality of interconnected deformable metal cells containing an internal crush panel and a dispersable mass such as sand, supported on a lightweight crushabl ...

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The production of cohesive bodies with controlled porosity by blending a carbon yielding binder, a pore forming liquid, and a dispersant; casting the mixture thus formed into a desired configuration; consolidating the cast material to form a self-supporting, physically handleable body; and heating t ...

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A pipe or conduit coupling assembly having a pair of confronting, fluid-conveying members, a longitudinally split coupler removably circumferentially surrounding the fluid-conveying members to limit displacement of the fluid-conveying members away from each other, and at least one electrically condu ...

Rodney L Nelson: Laser beam golf swing training device. Strauch Nolan Neale Nies & Kurz, April 27, 1976: US03953034 (57 worldwide citation)

A laser beam golf swing training device including a laser beam source mounted on or within the shaft of a golf club and a convex mirror located on the golf club head between the club face and hosel to spread a laser beam into a fan of light and project the same forwardly and downwardly at a 90.degre ...

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Metal forming methods in which a workpiece is heated and subjected to pressure, causing the metal to become plastic and flow into a selected configuration. Apparatus in which the method can be carried out and tooling for use in the methods and apparatus.