Shiro Nankai, Mariko Kawaguri, Mayumi Ohtani, Takashi Iijima: Biosensor and a process for preparation thereof. Matsushita Electric Industrial, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, June 9, 1992: US05120420 (759 worldwide citation)

A biosensor of the invention comprises an insulating base board (1) having formed thereon, in sequence, leads (2, 3, 3'), an electrode system mainly made of carbon (4, 5, 5'), an insulating layer (6) and a reaction layer (14) composed of an enzyme and an electron acceptor, and being provided thereon ...

Takashi Hagiwara: Slot machine. Sigma Enterprises Incorporated, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, February 21, 1989: US04805907 (591 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a slot machine which comprises one main machine, and a plurality of subordinate machines connected to the main machine. Each subordinate machine comprises a slot, detecting means for sensing the coins betted in; and coin paying-out means.

Donald N Ross, Endre Bodnar, William J Hoskin: Stent for a cardiac valve. Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, August 10, 1982: US04343048 (438 worldwide citation)

A stent for a cardiac valve comprises a metal base ring having metal legs projecting therefrom in a generally axial direction, each leg being flexible in such a manner that, when the stent has a valve installed therein and the valve is under pressure such as when operating in the heart, each respect ...

Peter E Petros: Surgical instrument and method of utilization of such. Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, May 12, 1992: US05112344 (415 worldwide citation)

A method of treating female incontinence comprising looping a filamentary element (19) between the wall of the vagina (16) and the rectus abdominis sheath in the anterior wall of the abdomen whereby it passes to each side of the urethra (20) into the correct spatial relationship to the pubis (17), a ...

Yuji Nagao: Slot machine with payout modifying symbols. Sigma Incorporated, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, June 13, 1995: US05423539 (410 worldwide citation)

This invention relates a game machine in which a combination of characters stopped along a winning line is judged based on a winning table showing winning combinations of characters to determine the presence of a win and a payment of coins. In this game machine, a substitutable character can be used ...

Clark R Fuqua: Variable diameter catheter. Genus Catheter Technologies, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, July 22, 1986: US04601713 (346 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a variable diameter catheter which is folded in a longitudinal manner in order to reduce the diameter for convenient and less traumatic insertion into a body orifice.

Katsuhiro Kudoh: Obstacle-detecting apparatus. Matsushita Electric Industrial, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, July 19, 1994: US05331312 (304 worldwide citation)

This device can detect an obstacle in a railroad crossing or similar setting by way of image processing independently of a height and a width of an obstacle. The image data read from a video, camera 11 into a multi-valued image memory 13 is compared with background data stored in a background-data c ...


H Lee Berry: Tubular digestive screen. Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, April 26, 1994: US05306300 (281 worldwide citation)

A tubular digestive screen for use in controlling the caloric intake of persons having morbid obesity is disclosed. The screen is made up of a thin-walled membrane-like tube, which has a firm ring at the top of the tube, a funnel-shaped portion below the firm ring, a tubular portion of constant diam ...

Yoshikazu Hori, Komei Asai, Masakazu Fukai: Image display apparatus of liquid crystal valve projection type. Matsushita Electric Industrial, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, June 21, 1983: US04389096 (280 worldwide citation)

A liquid crystal light valve projection type image display apparatus comprises an electro-optic element and a Schlieren optical system. The electro-optic element has a liquid crystal layer having a dielectric and optical anisotropy. An electric field having a spatial intensity distribution according ...