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A semiconductor device includes a transparent switching element (1) with two connection electrodes (2, 3) of a transparent material and an interposed transparent channel region (4) of a semiconductor material provided with a transparent gate electrode (5) of a conductive material, separated from the ...


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A reservation-based wireless asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) local area network includes a system architecture of mobile nodes (MNs), each MN for communicating with various ones of the other MNs. A plurality of services is supported wherein each service has respective quality-of-service (QoS) requi ...

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To obtain a high mobility and a suitable threshold voltage in MOS transistors with channel dimensions in the deep sub-micron range, it is desirable to bury a strongly doped layer (or ground plane) in the channel region below a weakly doped intrinsic surface region, a few tens of nm below the surface ...

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A lateral double-diffused MOS transistor includes a field-shaping semiconductor layer which serves to improve the breakdown voltage and/or on-resistance characteristics of the device. The field-shaping layer redistributes the electrical field in the device during operation in order to eliminate elec ...

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An electroluminescent device includes at least one emissive diode emitting in the red. The emissive face of the diode is covered by a filter element which is substantially transparent in the red, and which has a light transmission coefficient in the blue which is significantly higher than its coeffi ...



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A combined bipolar-field effect transistor RESURF device includes a lightly-doped epitaxial buried layer of a first conductivity type located between a semiconductor substrate of the first conductivity type and an epitaxial surface layer of a second conductivity type opposite to that of the first. T ...