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Methods and apparatuses are provided for use in driving a multiple-phase brushless motor. The methods and apparatuses include generating a slewed phase control signal for each phase of the motor. The slewed phase control signals are substantially proportional to a speed control signal during non-tra ...

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A pulse width modulated (PWM) motor drive with back EMF monitoring of the floating phase of a polyphase motor is arranged so that zero crossings of the back EMF can be read without interference by PWM switching. A measure is taken of an interval between two zero crossings and, in the next interval, ...

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A brushless DC motor system using PWM switching, in which the PWM switching is temporarily frozen whenever a zero crossing is expected in the back EMF. This avoids disruption of zero-crossing detection due to switching transients from the power transistor.

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Interventional tools are described that are suitable for measuring the temperature of or temperature variations in a vessel wall in the body of a patient and thereafter treating vulnerable plaque that is identified during the thermal mapping. The described interventional tools all include one or mor ...

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Improved methods of packaging external fuses together with integrated circuit devices are described. A pair of frame strips are provided that each have an associated set of contact pads. A resistor paste is applied to one of the contact pad sets and the frame strips are laminated together by curing ...

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The present invention relates to a spray device (eg an inhaler) comprising an aerosol formulation administered to the respiratory or nasal tract in which the level of formulation remaining in the device can be readily inspected.