Aime Lamothe: Ice fishing rod. The Raymond Lee Organization, Stephen Wyden, August 23, 1977: US04043070 (31 worldwide citation)

An ice fishing rod having a handle and a reel with a means to lock the reel in place when a proper amount of line has been extended therefrom, the line passing through a hollow fishing rod and out through a fishing rod tip. The rod handle is removably attached to a tripod by a support bracket and ic ...

Russell U Whitlock: Automatic boat-trailer latch. The Raymond Lee Organization, Stephen Wyden, June 15, 1976: US03963263 (19 worldwide citation)

A boat can be automatically locked on a boat trailer by impacting the bow eye of the boat with the Automatic Boat Trailer Latch. The striker of the latch opens and permits the eye to enter and then closes, locking the boat on the trailer. Opening the striker permits the boat to be floated free of th ...

Frank John Norris: Illuminating insert for a drinking glass. The Raymond Lee Organization, Stephen Wyden, July 5, 1977: US04034213 (16 worldwide citation)

A battery pack with a suction cup for mounting in a glass connected to a cap containing a light emitting diode and magnifying lens with an insert between the pack and cap for decoration.

Diane M Cox: Transparent tailgate for stationwagons and pickup trucks. The Raymond Lee Organization, Stephen Wyden, July 5, 1977: US04033619 (13 worldwide citation)

A transparent panel with the manufacturer's name embedded therein in a tailgate to improve the rear vision of the driver and for safety, the transparent panel may be one-way glass.

Bernard Korn: Soundproof earcovers. The Raymond Lee Organization, Stephen Wyden, May 17, 1977: US04023642 (13 worldwide citation)

A pair of shells filled with foam and ear plugs to cover the ears and exclude all sound.

Jerry D Deitrich: Game using a board and playing pieces. The Raymond Lee Organization, Stephen Wyden, August 31, 1976: US03977681 (12 worldwide citation)

A game for two players or teams using a 12 by 12 board and red, blue, and combination red and blue squares, the object of the game is to obtain the highest point score by having more of ones squares adjacent to squares of the same color than the opponent, 1 point being scored for each half edge cont ...

Alvin D Mattson: Game using a spiral tube and a roulette wheel. The Raymond Lee Organization, Stephen Wyden, November 2, 1976: US03989252 (11 worldwide citation)

A funnel mounted on a case and connected to a tube spirally down through the case and exiting over a roulette wheel where a steel ball dropped through the funnel may land scoring a value, 100 winning, and with a slot marked 100 on the wheel to provide a sudden death game ending.

Robert C Spellman: Ratchet driving internal combustion engine. The Raymond Lee Organization, Stephen Wyden, November 16, 1976: US03991736 (11 worldwide citation)

Two reciprocating pistons in opposite cylinders connected by a shaft that fears ratchet nuts that engage and drive a flywheel which may drive another device.

Anthony Siclari: Patty maker. Stephen Wyden, March 16, 1976: US03943602 (11 worldwide citation)

A device accepts chopped meat or other patty-consistency food in a plunger operated compartment from which the food is extruded through an opening to a pattie mold. Molds are stacked in the space beneath, the lower most mold bearing against a compressed coiled spring. A slotted opening permits withd ...

Robert D McKinney: Radio mounted in a helmet. The Raymond Lee Organization, Stephen Wyden, February 28, 1978: US04077007 (11 worldwide citation)

A helmet has an antenna mounted within the helmet, a set of ear phones mounted within the insulating material of the helmet adjacent to a user's ears, a battery compartment mounted within a recessed panel in a side of the helmet, a volumn control and on off switch and AM FM switch and AM controls an ...

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