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A float shoe comprising an upper section having a casing connection at an upper end thereof, and a lower section slidably coupled to the upper section, the lower section comprising a closed lower end and having at least one port disposed therein.

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A method of machining a workpiece in a subterranean wellbore comprises the steps of: (a) providing a workpiece that comprises (1) a first section that comprises a first material, and (2) a second section that comprises a second material, the second section forming at least one surface of the workpie ...

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Herein is described a fluid that is useful in consolidating a formation without the use of a gravel pack and screen. In particular, the fluid is useful in consolidating heterogeneous formations where the permeability is not uniform over-the total formation thickness, e.g. a formation having at least ...

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A method for evaluating well performance includes deriving a reservoir effective permeability estimate from data points in a production history, wherein the data points include dimensional flow rates and dimensional cumulative production, at least one of the data points has no sand face flowing pres ...

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The use of a hydrophobically modified water soluble polymer is described capable of being chemically cross-linked so as to produce a stable gel for blocking a water-bearing formation from a hydrocarbon-producing well. The polymer is essentially linear having hydrophilic side groups located at random ...

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A settable thixotropic material comprises a thixotrope and a settable substance, the material being capable of gelling reversibly in a gelling time of less than 60 seconds. The thixotrope conveniently comprises a fine grained clay, especially smectite clays, e.g. hectorites. It is preferred to use s ...


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A vehicle, such as a truck, includes mixing and pumping equipment for mixing a liquid and a particulate material (e.g., cement) and for pumping the mixture. One application is to pump the mixture into a wellbore for cementing a casing or liner to the wellbore inner wall. The vehicle includes a cab, ...

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A modular work system permits Rig Up time to be substantially reduced by reducing the number of crane lifts required to offload equipment for a transport boat or vehicle. This is achieved by developing transport skids capable of holding multiple system components. The number of equipment components ...

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The present invention provides cementing compositions for an oil well or the like, comprising an hydraulic binder, dense particles with a density higher than the density of the hydraulic binder, and reinforcing particles with a density of less than 1.5 g/cm