Yzhak Ronen, Silvio Tavares: Method for the billing of transactions over the internet. AT&T, Stephen M Gurey, May 18, 1999: US05905736 (373 worldwide citation)

A method for performing centralized billing for transactions conducted over the Internet between a user and an Internet Service Provider (ISP) (106) through an Internet Access Provider (IAP) (104) is disclosed. Upon connection of the user's terminal (101) to the IAP, the IAP transmits to a billing p ...

Yzhak Ronen: System and method for billing for transactions conducted over the internet from within an intranet. AT&T, Stephen M Gurey, December 1, 1998: US05845267 (334 worldwide citation)

A system and method is disclosed for performing centralized billing for transactions conducted by a user on a terminal (101) connected on an Intranet (103) with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) (115) connected to the Internet (104). A Firewall Gateway (105) interconnects the Intranet and the Inter ...


Juliana Freire Silva, Vinod Anupam, Yuri J Breitbart, Bharat Kumar: Method and apparatus for web-site-independent personalization from multiple sites having user-determined extraction functionality. Lucent Technologies, Stephen M Gurey, December 13, 2005: US06976210 (231 worldwide citation)

A personal Web view is created that includes a plurality of Web clippings. Each Web clipping contains information from a user-selected Web page, which can be essentially any Web page that is accessible on any Web server. In creating the page, the user loads a personalization applet into his browser ...

Mark Jeffrey Foladare, Shelley B Goldman, David Phillip Silverman, Shaoqing Q Wang, Roy Philip Weber, Robert S Westrich: Virtual call center. AT&T, Stephen M Gurey, William Ryan, April 11, 2000: US06049602 (207 worldwide citation)

Call center functions are provided to a plurality of remotely located customer service representatives (CSRs) via a data network, such as the Internet. Each CSR station includes a telephone and a computer. Separate log-in procedures for the computer and the telephone improve system security. Incomin ...

Paul F Tsuchiya: General internet method for routing packets in a communications network. Bell Communications Research, Leonard Charles Suchyta, Stephen M Gurey, October 4, 1994: US05353283 (202 worldwide citation)

A method for transmitting a packet via a sequence of nodes in a network is disclosed. The transmitted-packet contains a sequence of one or more identifiers in a sequence of fields 410, 420, 430, 440, 450, 460, 470, 480 and a pointer pointing to a particular identifier in the sequence of identifiers ...

Yzhak Ronen: Interactive and information data services telephone billing system. AT&T, Stephen M Gurey, April 28, 1998: US05745556 (189 worldwide citation)

Billing for information and/or interactive services provided to a user over the Internet by an information service provider (ISP) is arranged by the user by placing a billing telephone call to a 900 telephone number associated with the ISP for such billing purposes. The cost to the user for the 900 ...

Earl F Brown, Robert V Kline: Telecommunications interface. Bell Communications Research, James W Falk, Stephen M Gurey, May 31, 1988: US04748618 (187 worldwide citation)

A telecommunications interface is disclosed. The inventive telecommunications interface is capable of collecting multiple asynchronous video, audio, graphic and data signals from a variety of different kinds of sources and retransmitting such signals in a suitable form for display or detection with ...

Sirikiat Ariyavisitakul, Justin C Chuang, Nelson R Sollenberger: Method and apparatus for dynamic power control in TDMA portable radio systems. Bell Communications Research, Leonard Charles Suchyta, Stephen M Gurey, July 26, 1994: US05333175 (177 worldwide citation)

In a TDM/TDMA portable radio communications system the uplink power transmitted by the transmitter of a portable unit to a fixed port is dynamically controlled by monitoring three measures in each uplink burst received by the port. These measures are a received signal strength indicator (RSSI), a qu ...

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