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A control system, as for controlling automotive body functions, is powered by a limited capacity electrical power source and is structured and controlled in a manner to minimize consumption of electrical power. The control system conducts data transactions between a central control station and one o ...

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Photochromic compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein one of R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 is halogen or lower alkoxy, and the other is hydrogen, and R.sub.3 and R.sub.4 are hydrogen, lower alkyl, lower alkoxy, or halogen and their use in lenses are disclosed.

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A solid water-soluble shaving aid incorporated in a disposable razor blade cartridge which gradually dissolves during the act of wet shaving. The shaving aid, in the form of a lubricant, whisker softener, razor cleaner, medicinal agent, cosmetic agent or combination of the above is embedded, dispers ...

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Organic photochromic materials comprising a photochromic dye and a resinous material can be stabilized with a protective coating which will protect them from deactivation by exposure to moisture, oxygen, various plastic host materials, reactive chemicals or even normal atmospheric conditions. Useful ...

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An electrical power delivery system and method of operation particularly suitable for use in a vehicle is disclosed. A single wire power conductor is connected through remote power switches to a plurality of loads. The power conductor is sized such that its current-carrying capacity is less than the ...

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A system for the enhanced display of event markers in time-related association with physiological waveforms displayed on cathode ray tubes which use a recirculating memory to provide a refreshed display. The event is marked in the displayed waveform by an intensification of the normal trace determin ...

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An arrangement for mounting a packaged semiconductor with a heat sink includes the heat sink having a channel formed therein with a pair of opposed side walls and utilizes one or more spring beams acting against one side wall of the channel to urge the semiconductor package into good heat transferri ...

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A razor blade assembly which is flexible in at least one bending mode. A seat member of substantially planar shape has an integrally formed guard located transversely along its forward margin. The guard and seat members are formed of a flexible material. A flexible blade having a sharpened edge alon ...

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A window wiper control system provides accurate regulation and/or profiling of wiper speed. A desired interval corresponding with the preselected speed or speed profile is stored; a reference signal is provided to indicate a reference position of the wiper and is used to measure the actual interval ...

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Arrangement for the input of address data to an integrated circuit (IC) via the same input/output (I/O) terminal pins utilized for the transfer of data is disclosed. The I/O data pins each have an output data latch and an address latch connected to the respective pin and positioned internally of the ...