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A stackable cassette or rack for supporting a plurality of sealed sample containers having different diameters and/or lengths and transporting the same to a testing station of a hematology analyzer device. The cassette comprises a body having a top and a bottom and a rear portion, and the body inclu ...

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A particle separator for sorting particles suspended in a liquid according to certain characteristics, including a method of and apparatus for detecting a change in the droplet breakoff point of a liquid jet stream which is subjected to vibrations. The vibrations produce amplitude undulations on the ...

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A combustion chamber for burning low BTU fuel comprising a generally cylindrical casing having adjacent outer and inner annular spaces defined by outer, intermediate and inner walls, the spaces intercommunicating at the downstream end of the casing thereby providing a U-shaped flow path. The outer a ...

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A portable calculator utilizing a solar panel array which can be either slidably moved within the calculator's housing or pivotly connected to it and which when exposed to incident light provide power for the calculator.


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A support system for maintaining a person in a substantially upright sitting position in a wheelchair, comprises a unitary frame and a unitary cushion. The unitary frame has front and back portions, and a generally rectangularly shaped central portion having upper and lower sections. A pair of upper ...

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A modular screen partition system includes a mounting post containing inserts which permit the joining of any desired number of partitions to the post while permitting complete angular orientation capability in a light- and sound-proof assembly. The inserts, located within the top and bottom interio ...

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A Schmidt trigger voltage regulator having a latching circuit at its input to disable the regulator during an overload condition and automatically resets the latching circuit when the overload condition is removed thereby allowing the regulator to function in its normal voltage regulating mode.

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A method of prestressing the working surface of pressure chambers or cylinders comprising the steps of first shot peening their working surfaces to form compressive residual stresses, and then applying fluid pressure at a predetermined magnitude to cause tensile stresses in the working surfaces. The ...

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Method of and apparatus for handling a microsample comprising a probe for aspirating a sample and a cleaning mechanism having a passageway within which the probe is movable. The passageway has a cleaning chamber having opposite ends, one end being open to the atmosphere and proximate the sample. The ...