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A Reliability and Maintainability Indicator (RAMI) is disclosed which effectively predicts the remaining time of operation of a system, equipment, component, or device before it would fail to perform its intended functions. The ability of RAMI to predict the remaining time of operation before failur ...

Gary W Beall: Method of organic waste disposal. Radecca, Stefan J Klauber, September 25, 1984: US04473477 (72 worldwide citation)

A method for controlling and containing organic material by sorbing it into an organoclay. Solid or liquid waste material or waste material in aqueous solution containing organic material are combined with a sufficient amount of organoclay to sorb and contain the organic material in the organoclay.

Paul J Roberg: Holder for photographic film strips. Stefan J Klauber, December 16, 1986: US04629070 (62 worldwide citation)

Transparent plastic film holders are provided containing one or a plurality of pockets for photographic items such as strips of photographic film, negatives, prints or individual frames thereof which are formed by attaching two plies of transparent films by spaced bonding lines between said plies of ...

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In a switching power supply including a step-up transformer having primary and secondary windings, wherein in each successive cycle of operation, during a first period of time a voltage pulse is applied across the primary winding for causing forward current in the secondary to flow through a shuttle ...

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A system for blending low and high octane gasoline includes independent flow paths for each fuel between a supply source and a composite blend manifold and nozzle assembly, with the rate of flow of fuel in each flow path being under individual closed loop control, under an algorithm for comparing th ...

Gary W Beall: Process for treating organics contaminated water. Radecca, Stefan J Klauber, May 14, 1985: US04517094 (48 worldwide citation)

A method is provided for removing organic contaminants from an aqueous composition contaminated therewith. The method comprises passing the composition through a first column packed with an organoclay, to adsorb substantial quantities of high molecular weight and/or emulsified components of said org ...

Wei Chi Liao: Shoe having interchangeable uppers. Stefan J Klauber, October 5, 1976: US03983642 (46 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to shoes. It's object is to provide improved securing forms which are adapted to interchangeable uppers so that the appearance of shoes may be changed completely by only changing the uppers. These forms are (1) body-hook form (2) string-hole form (3) looped strap form (4) plug ...

Gary W Beall: Method of removing organic contaminants from aqueous compositions. Radecca, Stefan J Klauber, October 29, 1985: US04549966 (42 worldwide citation)

A method is provided of removing organic contaminants from an aqueous composition contaminated therewith. The method comprises contacting the aqueous composition with a sufficient amount of organoclay for a sufficient amount of time to absorb a substantial portion of the contaminant, and to form an ...

Camilla A Rice: Surface modified layered lattice silicate pigments. E C C America, Stefan J Klauber, December 6, 1988: US04789403 (39 worldwide citation)

A method of producing a layered lattice silicate which is surface modified with an organic material wherein said silicate in substantially dry, particulate form is contacted with an organic monomer, co-monomers or a prepolymer, and surface polymerization or reaction in situ on the silicate in the pr ...

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A multi-purpose sports apparatus has a frame which has spaced-apart support members adapted to rest upon a supporting surface, such as the ground, a net extending between the support members, and a backboard carrying a basketball goal hoop supported between the support members above the net, the bac ...