Robert T Milligan, Robert H Vernon: Paint container. Steele & Petock, February 17, 1976: US03938686 (53 worldwide citation)

A paint container comprising a clear plastic sidewall construction preferably of polypropolene enabling the accurate observation of the paint contained therein through the walls of the container. The closure member comprises a multi-laminate seal including prestressed films designed to enable a slit ...

David T Langley: Building brick. Steele & Petock, May 31, 1977: US04026086 (50 worldwide citation)

A new building brick for use in the construction of buildings is disclosed. The brick is provided with projecting members and indentations on opposite surfaces. The projecting members and indentations provide resistance to lateral movement of the bricks. The bricks are held together in adjacent tier ...

Willem Josef George Strolenberg: Apparatus for use in raising or lowering a load in a condition of relative motion. Steele & Petock, May 24, 1977: US04025055 (35 worldwide citation)

Motion compensated load lifting apparatus for use on marine vessels. Apparatus includes means for maintaining tension in load lifting member during relative motion and means for locking the tensioning means in one direction of motion. Tensioning means includes high and low pressure accumulators whic ...

Albert J Fell: Air filter cleaner. Steele & Petock, May 25, 1976: US03958296 (23 worldwide citation)

An air filter cleaner is disclosed which is portable and which may be used on the job site for the cleaning of air filters of heavy construction equipment. The air filter cleaner is lightweight and may easily be carried or moved by a single person. The filter is comprised of a base member and an upp ...

Robert Portner, Phillip Miller: Projection screen unit. Magna Mir, Steele & Petock, March 9, 1976: US03942869 (22 worldwide citation)

A screen for a projection system supported by a pair of cross members extending to the four corners of the screen where they receive a tensioning member disposed around the perimeter of the screen and held in stress by a tensioning mechanism secured to a portion of one of the cross members. The cros ...

Goines John A: Industrial bucket improvement. Steele & Petock, December 16, 1975: US3926452 (19 worldwide citation)

An industrial bucket used for janitorial and similar services featuring an improved construction to facilitate emptying of the contents including a lever arrangement pivotally mounted to the base of the bucket and extending outwardly to be conveniently grasped by the user. A spring attached from lev ...

Abram Nathaniel Spanel, David R Jacobs: Method and means of tufting. Abram N Spanel, Steele & Petock, February 10, 1976: US03937157 (18 worldwide citation)

A tufting machine having: means for metering predetermined lengths of yarn, including a rotatable yarn feed with substantially accurate improved drive and braking means; pneumatic yarn transport means, including selective control of gas flow, for transporting selected metered lengths of yarn to a tu ...

Victor John Page: Double-acting pump. Steele & Petock, February 15, 1977: US04008012 (10 worldwide citation)

A double-acting pump for food products. The pump has a metering cylinder closed by end caps defining respective pairs of inlet and outlet parts. Valve housings contain identical valves and are connected to respective manifolds. The components are maintained in sealing relationship by urging the end ...

Edward Gitt, Donald E Ryder, Edward L Dold: Protective covering for fiberglass boom. Gitco, Steele & Petock, December 14, 1976: US03997695 (10 worldwide citation)

A protective covering for a fiberglass boom is disclosed. The present invention is particularly useful on the fiberglass boom used on aerial lift trucks used by electrical utilities and for other similar applications. The covering includes a polyurethane coating applied to the surface of the fibergl ...

Abram N Spanel: Method and means of tufting. Steele & Petock, February 10, 1976: US03937158 (10 worldwide citation)

Tufting apparatus utilizing pneumatic means for transporting yarn strands including a threader tube assembly capable of delivering a plurality of yarn strands through multiple passageways to, and loading same, in tufting elements which apply bit-lengths of the strands into a backing layer.